HootView 360 Interactive Imaging

As part of our ever ongoing efforts to continually deliver the best product experience & the most information possible to the greatest fans in the galaxy, we here at Ultrasabers went in search of the perfect way to to bring you as close to your sabers as possible while on our site. To do just that, we decided to give HootView’s high-resolution interactive imaging a spin last year to showcase our unique and infinitely customizable lightsabers. Just check out that Manticore Emitter below!

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We had seen HootView before. Their revolutionary 360-degree photography, allows & empowers consumers to view a product from every angle while online, and lets them engage with it as if they’re holding it in their hands. We felt like this delivered the information needed to make a confident purchasing decision.

With the amount of time and resources spent to design, build, and deliver the highest quality lightsabers to our customers, it’s extremely important to represent them online in the best way possible. We take a great deal of pride in our work from start to finish, so we’re thrilled with the opportunity to showcase the end result more effectively. Now every intricate detail, customizable feature, and unique design used can easily be examined without a consumer ever having to step foot into a store

We’re excited to see how HootView’s interactive imaging continues to assist in providing our customers with the information they need and make a positive impact on their online shopping experience at Ultrasabers. Any feedback and/or thoughts from our customers is always welcomed and appreciated.

Haven’t tried it yet? Take our Dark War Glaive for a spin.. Click the 360-degree interactive images below!

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