Obsidian USB Sound Fonts

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These sound fonts are free for your personal use.
A soundboard sound font is a compilation of sound effects used to make your lightsaber sound awesome. Each font includes a power on, power off, boot up, lock up, idle hum, multiple clash and multiple motion sound effects.You can upload an entire sound font onto your Obsidian soundboard or you can mix and match the sound effects from multiple sound fonts (for example you can use the idle hum from one font, 3 of the clash sounds from another, 3 more clash sounds from another, the motion sounds from another, etc). This is an exciting time for Obsidian owners.The Obsidian USB comes with the default Obsidian sound font installed on every soundboard. You do not need to use these sound fonts in order for your Obsidian USB to make cool sounds. These are additional sound fonts and are here to add to the fun of owning an Obsidian USB soundboard.Some soundfonts include sounds made by, inspired by, or mixed by Novastar.
Email any questions to soundfonts@ultrasabers.com

And of course the tested, tried and true Default Obsidian sound font that comes with every lightsaber equipped with any Obsidian Soundboard.

Novastar’s Disclaimer:
Although some sounds are entirely of my own design and completely original… it is OBVIOUS that MANY of the sounds are specifically taken from the SW movies or video games, edited and altered to fit with lightsaber props, and to make customers feel the Star Wars(tm) experience! I am in NO WAY SAYING THAT THESE SOUNDS ARE OWNED BY MYSELF!! In fact, to the contrary! I think Ben Burtt’s amazing work is to be commended yet again, and I cannot think of a better “hommage” to his fantastic work than creating this compilation.

So… in summation… the “SW EP x” fonts are almost entirely comprised of Ben Burtt’s sounds! I am not selling the sounds to you for commercial usage… I have compiled and re-worked them for your own usage in your own PERSONAL lightsaber props. You are by no means to use these sounds for commercial endeavors without express permission. Let me say this again: You are by no means to use these sounds for commercial endeavors without express permission from the original sound designer (Ben Burtt)!

More information regarding the sounds:
To be clear… it’s true that MOST all of the sounds in the SW style fonts (Novastar, Blackstar) *ARE* indeed “re-worked”… in the sense that they are:
A) re-mixed with new hum
B) edited sometimes for speed, length
C) pitch change altered, sometimes mixed a bit with another sound
D) obviously going from stereo to mono 22,050, .raw, etc.
E) dynamic range changed, pops & clicks removed, noise filters applied in some cases.

..but again, these are originally Ben Burtt’s SW sounds (a few taken from the games, mainly force pushes, pulls, kicks)

But let’s see, here we have the case of “Ancient Lightsaber” (for example). TOTALLY made by me, with these considerations:
A) Base sound is usually something of public domain / free sound
B) Base sound is also usually something anyone could record (train, car, air, water, my voice, blah blah)
C) Sounds are then HEAVILY re-mixed, altered, pitch changed, bent, flanged and time-compressed
D) This sound is then mixed with whatever new “hum” I’ve created

So, in this case, the sound is now 100% my own work, and therefore owned by myself. However, I do not mind if people use my work in their own projects, but only if they give me credit for the inspiration/original sounds… just as I pay homage to Ben Burtt for his work!


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