Phantom Initiate V4 WITH SOUND

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  • All aircraft black anodized aluminum construction
  • 1.45" wide
  • 18.75" long combined with Standard Coupler
  • Two Removable pommels (MHS compatible)
  • One Coupler
  • Two Polycarbonate UltraBlades
  • Low profile guarded push button switches
  • Seoul P4 or LED Engin High Powered LEDs
  • Each Hilt Powered by 4 AAA batteries


What do you get when you combine two Dark Initiate V4 Sabers together? A Phantom Initiate V4.

This is the new and greatly improved Ultrasaber’s Phantom Initiate V4. This is not just a Phantom with short blades. The hilt as well as the blades are much shorter than the full size Phantom, making this a true Initiate staff. This staff is also sound capable!

The Phantom Initiate V4 is vastly superior to it’s predecessor in many ways. First and foremost, it’s made from black anodized aircraft T6 aluminum, which greatly contributes to its durability and great looks. The standard coupler that holds the two sabers together is actually hidden and the sabers combine together to make one flush double sided ultrasaber. The pommels that come with the staff are threaded for easy battery access. The pommels are also MHS compatible which means you have a vast selection of unique and premium pommels to use with your saber when dual wielding.

One of the best features of the Phantom Initiate v4 is that it is sound capable. In order to hear the sound when the sabers are connected in staff form, you must select a coupler with vents. And in order to hear the sound when dual wielding the sabers you must select a pommel that is vented (not the solid version).

The Phantom Initiate V4 can be used as a staff or you can separate it into two individual sabers. It also comes with a coupler to make the staff and two pommels to make individual sabers.

The Phantom Initiate comes standard with two 24 inch Ultra blades, these can be upgraded to 32″ or 36″.

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