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We wouldn't be striving for perfection if we didn't have a backup plan. In the rare event of a defect in your Ultrasaber, you're covered under our iron-clad warranty. A saber that includes light and sound is a complex electronic device that we are proud of, and as saber forging experts, we at Ultra Sabers are very confident in our skill and we will back our sabers against any defects!


When creating an Ultrasaber, our quality is held at the highest standard. Our sabers are made from high quality, custom CNC machined billet aluminum components, giving them unparalleled strength in their construction. We test and retest our designs before going to production, ensuring that each piece available is crafted to perfection, making your saber the pinnacle of any collection. We take pride in our work, and we ship fast because you take pride in your creation.

About the Owner

Emory Harris is the owner of Ultrasabers, the worldwide leader in custom made, combat-ready lightsabers. Emory Harris grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and attended The Ohio State University to study Computer Science & Engineering. Like most in the world of lightsabers, Emory has a background in all things nerd/geek: Video Games, MMOs, Comic Books, Manga, Anime, Board Games, Collectibles, etc. It’s this background and passion that pushes him to create and innovate for the lightsaber lovers everywhere.

What our customers are saying


Of all the lightsabers I've bought from all the different companies, I can happily say these sabers are of superior quality. Felt like a little kid again opening the box. Great value for fantastic quality

- Chris, Queensland


I'd briefly handled Ultrasabers at NY Comicon over the past two years and coveted one from the first touch. When this year's holiday sale came around, I took the plunge to purchase a sword resembling Luke's first, with sound and light upgrades. It is incredible!! (Even my wife thinks so and let's just say this isn't quite her thing.) Exquisitely detailed, sturdy and weighty, with realistic and responsive sounds and light effects. This collectible deserves to be seen and used– so now I just have to get on the cosplay wagon before the next convention!

- Mark, NJ


So easy to order. The customizable options are wonderful, clearly explained, and it was very simple to order two sabers to my specs and they were delivered within a week. I will definitely be coming back to order more!

- Chris, RI