White Lightsabers

Here is a selection of lightsabers that traditionally come with white blades, (or ones we just thought looked cool). Because everything we make is custom made, you can get any lightsaber built in white, just select Adegan Silver during the customization process!

Tap Into the Force with Iconic White Lightsabers

In the captivating realm of Star Wars, lightsabers are not just weapons; they are extensions of a warrior’s soul and beliefs. Among the vibrant array of lightsaber colors, the white lightsaber stands out as a symbol of purity, resilience, and a deep connection to the Force.

With the recent premiere of the new Disney+ show focusing on Ahsoka Tano, white lightsabers are once again at the front of the mind for many Star Wars fans. If you are drawn to the white lightsaber and seek to create one of your own, Ultrasabers is your go-to source for authentic, custom lightsabers.

Harness Your Force Power With A Custom White Lightsaber

For those who seek to wield the elegance and symbolism of white lightsabers, UltraSabers is your premier destination. Renowned for our commitment to authenticity and craftsmanship, UltraSabers offers an exceptional selection of customizable lightsabers, including the pristine white-bladed lightsaber (which we also refer to as Adegan Silver).

With UltraSabers, you have the power to design a lightsaber that echoes your journey. Craft your own narrative by selecting from a range of hilt designs, finishes, and features, and embrace the purity and resilience that the white lightsaber represents.

Fight for Justice With UltraSabers’ White Lightsaber

Going into battle with white and silver lightsabers from UltraSabers is a testament to your unyielding resolve and unwavering commitment to justice. The pristine, untainted blades symbolize your dedication to purity and your ability to rise above the chaos of conflict.

As you ignite those white lightsabers, their radiance cuts through the darkness, illuminating your path and inspiring those around you. You become a symbol of hope and balance, ready to confront the challenges of the galaxy with a heart untainted by the allure of the dark side. In the heat of battle, these lightsabers become an extension of your spirit, a powerful force for good, and a reminder that even in the most dire of circumstances, the light of the Force prevails.

Discover Ahsoka’s White Lightsabers at UltraSabers

UltraSabers offers two different versions of Ahsoka’s white lightsabers: the Fulcrum and the Lost Gray (as well as a dual set). Find out more about what makes them unique.

Frequently Asked Questions About White Lightsabers

What Is A White Lightsaber’s Meaning?

White lightsabers carry a profound and unique significance within the Star Wars universe. Often associated with the concept of purification and personal growth, a white-bladed lightsaber is typically wielded by a Force user who has undergone a transformation or who has risen above their previous allegiances.

The white lightsaber symbolizes the casting aside of old dogmas and embracing a new path—a path that transcends the confines of traditional Jedi or Sith ideologies. Force users who wield white lightsabers have found balance within themselves and the Force, standing as beacons of hope and inspiration.

How Rare Are White Lightsabers?

White lightsabers are relatively rare in the Star Wars universe. They hold a special significance as they often represent personal growth, transformation, and a departure from traditional Jedi or Sith ideologies. Characters who wield white lightsabers, like Ahsoka Tano, have undergone unique journeys that led them to these pure and untainted blades.

Where Can I Buy a White Lightsaber?

If you’re interested in owning a white or silver lightsaber, you can explore options from various manufacturers specializing in custom lightsabers. Ultrasabers offers a range of customizable lightsabers, including those with white/silver blades. These lightsabers can be personalized to suit your preferences in hilt design, features, and more.

Embrace the Power of White Lightsabers from Ultrasabers

Take your first step towards wielding the symbolism of purity, resilience, and balance. Whether you’re inspired by Ahsoka Tano’s journey or the concept of the Grey Jedi, it’s time to make your own mark in the Star Wars galaxy. Explore our customizable white lightsabers at UltraSabers and craft your own legendary saga. Your destiny awaits, so don’t miss out!

Choose UltraSabers for your white or silver lightsaber today and become part of the Star Wars legacy. Customize your unique lightsaber, embrace the Force, and ignite your own heroic journey. May the Force be with you, always!