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Ready to build your own weapon? Here are all the parts you’ll need to construct your own Ultra Saber custom lightsaber. You can choose to build an Ultra Saber exactly as we do, or you can mix and match custom lightsaber parts to create something specific to you. If you have questions on how to build a lightsaber, please ask on our forums: SaberForum.Com.

The only technical assistance for the “Build Your Own Lightsaber” category will be on Saber Forum, NOT through our email. We highly recommend you create an account and join the Saber Forum community before first attempting to make your own lightsaber.

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Lightsabers are one of the most recognizable weapons in the world, and the Star Wars franchise has captured the imagination of an entire generation. In the Star Wars universe, prospective Jedi padawans and Sith apprentices alike are expected to craft their own light sabers to properly complete their training in the use of The Force. Now you can do the same, by building your own customized ultimate lightsaber right here on!

To build your own lightsaber, begin by choosing from our wide inventory of lightsaber components and accessories.

You’ll need all the following parts to complete the process of building your own lightsaber: