Green Lightsabers

The     Best     Green     Lightsabers

Authority. Wisdom. Strength. These qualities are found in the most trusted & respected leaders across the galaxy. The skilled hands of those who wield the green blades of the Jedi order strive for peace above all else, but will not hesitate to resort to more forceful methods when the need arises.
We’ve crafted and dispatched thousands of weapons to their noble masters who mentor and lead others. Below are the sabers most commonly ordered with the mighty Consular Green colored blade.

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Green Lightsaber Meaning

Green lightsabers have an extensive amount of lore behind them as one of the most common blade colors in the universe. Jedi with green lightsabers typically have a strong connection with the Force and nature — they strive for peace and will always prioritize negotiation over violence in a conflict. In our Holocron, you can find an entire resource covering the meaning of the green lightsaber to help guide you on your path to crafting the ultimate tool for harmonizing the galaxy. Build your own lightsaber at Ultrasabers today.