The Guardian

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  • 13" long
  • 1.5" wide
  • All aircraft aluminum construction
  • Removable pommel (MHS compatible)
  • Polycarbonate UltraBlade
  • Low profile guarded push button switch
  • Seoul P4 or Luxeon Rebel Star


UltraSabers is proud to present: The Guardian.

One of the most coveted lightsaber designs has finally come to the Ultrasabers line up. Just take a look at the video and pictures, this saber is begging you to wield it!

The emitter is beautiful. The red button, the brass jeweled knob, and the the blade accent holes make The Guardian’s emitter one to marvel at. And the pommel, wow, the pommel is gorgeous and probably the best feature of the saber. It is seamless in design and vented for sound. Ultrasabers Guardian is built with high quality T6 aircraft grade aluminum. It will stand up to rigorous use time and again.

The Guardian Lightsaber comes completely assembled and ready to go. This saber is 13″ long and 1.5″ wide. The pommel is TCSS MHS (Modular Hilt System) Compatible, meaning that it is removable and interchangeable with other MHS parts.

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