Welcome to a new age of Lightsaber technology. UltraSabers Limitless Lightsabers allow you complete control over every aspect of your lightsaber’s lights and sounds. Choose from our latest Ultra Proffie Soundboard or Neopixel Blades to find the perfect amount of on-board control and customization you need for your custom lightsaber. The videos below will help you learn to master our Limitless Lightsabers, and help you decide which is right for you. Please watch these videos carefully as they are packed with important information for each configuration.


The pinnacle of control over your lightsaber. Customize everything. Any time.



Visit the Ultra Proffie Launcher here for saber controls and documentation.

View and download the Ultra Proffie Lite Guide here.

View and download the Ultra Proffie Zero Guide here.

Check out our Ultra Proffie Tutorials below to master your new Lightsaber!

How to configure an Ultrasabers Ultra Proffie Lightsaber using on board controls.

How to configure Ultra Proffie using the Launcher

How to setup presets on Ultra Proffie

How to reprogram Ultra Proffie’s styles

Ultra Proffie Lightsabers

Lightsabers equipped with one of the new Ultra Proffie Soundboards grant their wielder more control over every facet of their lightsaber than ever. Everything from simple blade color & sound profile changes, to adjusting sensitivity settings for every motion of the saber such as swings, clashes, jabs and more- it’s all available with simple gesture controls through our proprietary onboard menu. Check out our FAQ for a description of the differences between UltraProffie Lite and UltraProffie Zero. Ultra Proffie is of course built off of the Proffie opensource OS that has become the gold standard for Lightsaber customization. We’ve been impressed with the community, and we are excited to add our own contributions via the Ultra Proffie Soundboard and Controller found at Note: At this time, is only fully functional via the Google Chrome browser. Other browsers may experience issues.

While the Proffie OS has been around for a while, we’ve received a ton of feedback that users felt it was beyond their reach due to the level of coding knowledge needed in order to make changes even as simple as adjusting a blade color. While we know many of you are adept and fantastic at this approach, we wanted this to be more accessible to the community, and are excited to also present you guys with our browser-based controller software hosted at, where you can make adjustments to everything without a single line of code or programming. Check out the videos below!

What does the Ultra Proffie Soundboard bring to your lightsaber?

  • Ease of use: Simple, single button and gesture-controlled on-board settings menu allows you to adjust blade brightness, color, sound, sensitivity, volume, and more straight from the saber without the use of morse code style button presses, or the need for a second button.
  • More in your saber: Easily cycle through up to 25 preloaded sound & blade color profiles without connecting to a computer, and easily add your own by connecting to our browser based app, up to a total of 99!
  • Smooth swing built in to every UltraProffie Soundboard.
  • Tip drag, all-new ignition and deactivation effects, new lockup, blaster block, wall melt, blaster mode, force lightning and so so so much more- all baked right in when you get it with a Neopixel Blade.
  • Advanced sensitivity controls for every single motion your saber is capable of.
  • Switch your Ultrasaber into Stealth-Mode for around 1/3rd of the power output, to extend your saber’s battery life.
  • No need for a kill-key. Ultra Proffie features a Deep-Sleep Mode to keep your battery from dying while not in use.
  • Upgraded from a 2watt to a 3watt speaker.
  • Built in USB recharge port on each soundboard.
  • Auto-power-off at timeout and low battery.
  • 100% Compatible with any existing Proffie Profiles.
  • Battle-ready: Between the factory-mounted chassis, protective resin and on-board electrical protections, the Ultra Proffie soundboard is more reliable for combat than boards soldered on a printed chassis available through other sabersmiths.
  • Better availability: Ultrasabers has taken strides to position ourselves to make those boards. Many other boards on the market are either delayed or slow to release due to semiconductor supply problems. We took measures to avoid such situations.

Ready to construct your Ultra Proffie Lightsaber? This option is available on sabers across the arsenal! Select Premium sound and then look for the Ultra Proffie option on your next Ultrasaber!

Neopixel Lightsabers

Customize your lightsaber blade’s colors, pulse mode, & flash on clash on the go or through the Obsidian Launcher!



Download the Obsidian Launcher here for saber controls and documentation.

View and download the NEW Obsidian Guide here.

View and download the NEW Obsidian Specs here.

Neopixel Lightsabers

Neopixel Lightsabers put more power over the look and sound of your custom lightsaber than any before it. These sabers come equipped with our Neopixel String Blades and several different soundboard options, allowing for extreme customization even on the go. With the power of the Neopixel String Blade, every color in the Ultrasabers arsenal is constantly at your fingertips!

Neopixel Lightsaber Blades bring extension and retraction animations and Flash on Clash built right in! When paired with any of our soundboard options, you have control over volume, sound, brightness and MORE! Check out the video for a peek at the latest Obsidian Soundboard features and a walkthrough on our new Obsidian Launcher, or check out the video under UltraProffie to get the details on its capabilities!

While Neopixel Lightsabers come with tons of features equipped, it is possible to customize them even further with the use of our Obsidian and UltraProffie Launchers. We recommend that you educate yourself on their capabilities first. Please watch the videos to begin your training.

What does a Neopixel Lightsaber with one of our Obsidian Soundboards allow you to do?

  • Gives you the ability to adjust the current on 4 individual channels that control 4 different colors (for example Red, Green, Blue, and White) and mix and match any of these adjusted channels to create almost limitless possibilities for different blade colors
  • 127 Individual LEDs housed along the blade allow for movie-like extension & retraction effects, and some of the brightest blades available on a custom lightsaber.
  • Available with our Obsidian Lite, Obsidian v3, and Obsidian v4 soundboards in a unique battery & speaker chassis.
  • Gesture-controlled on-board settings menu for blade brightness, color, sound, and volume.
  • Cycle through up to 10 soundfonts & color configurations through the on-board menu without connecting to a computer, with up to 25 effects per font (up to 25 sounds different sounds for Swing, Stab, Spin and Clash effects).
  • Customizable with up to 6:40 minutes audio memory
  • Accepts both LSU and WAV sound format (mono, 16 bit, 48 kHz)
  • Powered by a single 3.7V, 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Built-in battery holder and electrical protection
  • Auto-power-off at timeout and low battery.

Ready to construct your Neopixel Lightsaber? This option is available on sabers across the arsenal! Select Neopixel Saber with Sound on your next Ultrasaber!