Single Bladed Lightsabers

Select your lightsaber from one of over 100 hilts below to begin! Our step-by-step custom lightsaber builder will walk you through everything from choosing the color of your blade to sounds, aesthetic features, and more! Every Ultrasaber in the arsenal is machined from aircraft grade aluminum, and comes equipped with durable polycarbonate blades, ready for heavy combat or lightning fast flourishes.

Build Your Own Lightsaber to Harness the Power of the Force

For anyone passionate about the galaxy far, far away, building custom lightsabers is a dream. We make it a reality. With over 100 hilts to choose from, we make it easy to build your own lightsaber online and follow the path of the Jedi or Sith. Browse our selection above to see all the options available, from rare, unique designs to those inspired by classic hilts you know and love — all made with durable materials meant to last. Whether you’re an avid duelist, a cosplayer or just a fan of Star Wars, build your own lightsaber now to take your first steps in forging your destiny.

How to Make Custom Lightsabers

We’ve crafted literally tens of thousands of lightsabers over the years, and you can bet we’ve learned a thing or two. We’ve evolved and refined the process to build a lightsaber on our website and made it easier than ever. Select your hilt above and our custom lightsaber builder will take you through each step of the process to customize your very own lightsaber, including:

  • The color of your lightsaber blade
  • Features across your hilt
  • Your lightsaber’s emitter
  • Your lightsaber’s pommel (end cap)
  • Sound and other enhancements
  • Electronics, such as color-changing options
  • Accessories and other parts for storage & maintenance

There are billions of combinations across the arsenal, allowing you to build your own lightsaber exactly the way you want. You can go with an “Inspired” lightsaber, modeled after one of your favorite designs, or choose an original Ultrasabers design from our “Core” selection. Either path will get you started quickly, designing a cool lightsaber hilt that’s completely original — and crafted exactly to your specifications.From sabers that evoke the honor of the Jedi Order to those that harness the power of the dark side, we’ll help you create a real-life lightsaber that is battle-ready and display-worthy. If you have further questions about building custom lightsabers, check out the Ultrasabers Saber Forum or drop us a line in our chat.

Frequently Asked Questions About Building a Custom Lightsaber

Still have questions about creating your custom lightsaber? We’ve gathered some of the most common questions people ask when they build a lightsaber for the first time (or the hundredth).

What Is the Best Lightsaber Hilt?

The best lightsaber hilt is totally up for debate (write in and tell us your vote). The good news is that we have dozens of different options available at Ultrasabers, so it all comes down to what YOU want. Some of our favorite hilts include The Empress, The Guardian, The Graflex (in all its forms) and The Fallen lightsaber.

What Colors Are Available When You Build Your Own Lightsaber?

Ultrasabers is proud to offer a wide range of custom lightsaber colors for you to choose for your blade, including:

What Are Custom Lightsabers Used For?

At Ultrasabers, we specialize in durable, combat-ready lightsabers, designed to withstand real-life duels of any intensity. Combat not your thing? Our incredible custom lightsaber designs are also perfect for movie props, display, performances and cosplay.

Where Can You Build & Buy Custom Lightsabers?

You can build and buy your single-bladed custom lightsaber right here. You can also choose to build a double-bladed lightsaber if you prefer. Our lightsabers are only sold directly through our website, or at our booth if you catch us at one of the dozens of conventions we attend across the country.

What Are Some of the Components Available When You Build a Lightsaber at Ultrasabers?

Ultrasabers makes extremely durable lightsabers using premium materials. Every hilt in the arsenal is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and comes equipped with a polycarbonate dueling blade. We do not offer powder coating since it can chip and scrape off a saber. Instead, many of our sabers are anodized to showcase a unique look across the hilt and select highlighted areas.In addition, you have the option to upgrade many of the internal components while you build a lightsaber. You can opt for an UltraPixel blade that features 127 bright LEDs all the way through the blade for intense brightness, or equip your lightsaber with the Obsidian Soundboard for movie-like sound effects, Flash on Clash, pulse and other onboard settings. Humbly, we feel our UltraPixel blades are superior to other “neopixel lightsaber” and Force FX options on the market.

How Much Does a Custom Lightsaber Cost?

We put the power of customization in your hands for a reason. The price of your custom lightsaber will depend entirely on what options you choose during customization. Our sabers start at about $60 for a base-model stunt saber without sound and go up from there. We’re proud to offer a wide range of custom lightsabers to suit customers at every price level, especially those constructing their first lightsaber who want to test various features before investing a great deal in their perfect lightsaber.

Who Makes the Best Custom Lightsabers?

Biased though we may be, Ultrasabers strives to make the best custom lightsabers you can find. However, the truth is that you will make the best custom lightsaber when you use our saber builder and fine-tune the options to get precisely what you want.

Craft an Elegant Weapon When You Build Your Own Lightsaber Online at Ultrasabers

If you’re ready to fulfill your destiny, build your own lightsaber online now. Get started by selecting your favorite hilt from the options above. With so many hilts available for full customization, you’ll finally be able to craft the custom lightsaber you’ve always wanted. Build a lightsaber now and take your first step into a larger world.