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Blade Choice

Grab Bag Saber



Blade Choice

Ultra Edge Midgrade

LED Color


Blade Retention Screw Wrench

The Blade Retention Screw Wrench is just the small allen wrench required to remove the blade. This wrench is NOT required to hold the blade in place. That screw is provided standard with every Ultrasaber.

You can also purchase these separately from any hardware store, or you may already own a set of these. Purchasing this one guarantees that you will get the correct size wrench for the screw in your Ultrasaber. Using the wrong size wrench can strip your retention screw.

All Ultrasaber retention screws require Standard size hex wrenches, DO NOT USE METRIC SIZE WRENCHES, you will strip the screw.

Include Blade Plug

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Blade Plugs are designed to be inserted in your saber when the blade is removed to protect your LEDs. They give the hilt a cool look when the saber is ignited, and prevent you from shining a high powered LED directly into yours or someone else's eyes.

Select an option above to see illuminated examples of each blade plug.

Include Day Blade

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Day blades are a fantastic solution to keep your saber looking perfect during long days of brightly lit conventions, outdoor events, intense studio lighting, or times when you don't have your saber powered on.

Day Blades are 36" Heavy Grade blades, with a 1" diameter.

Please Note: A Day Blade's colored Polycarbonate will affect the appearance of the color of your saber's LED when it is ignited. Please make sure to select a Day Blade blade that best matches your saber's blade color!

Include Belt Clip

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A belt clip wheel is the knob on a lightsaber that allows you to attach the lightsaber to a belt clip and wear it on your belt.

A clip is the clip that you wear on your belt that allows you to hang your lightsabers from a belt clip wheel for costuming or to just carry your saber in general.  This is typically done with the blade removed.  The blades are removable on ALL Ultrasabers.

Not all Ultra Sabers come standard with a belt clip wheel. All Prophecy models, all Shock Models, The Bane, The Bellicose, The Overlord, The Guardian, The Graflex SE & CE, and The Consular are just a few of the sabers that come standard with a belt clip wheel and one does not have to be added or purchased.

You can purchase a belt clip wheel separately from here.
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You can purchase a belt clip clip separately from here.
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Install Belt Clip Wheel

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A belt clip wheel is the knob on a lightsaber that allows you to attach the lightsaber to a covertec clip and wear it on your belt.

If your UltraSaber doesn't come standard with a belt clip wheel, you can have one added before it ships. In the comments field of your order, specify where on the hilt and what color covertec wheel (silver, black, or gold) and we'll take care of that for you before the saber ships.

Please keep instruction to TWO things ONLY in the comments field of the order at checkout:

1: Left, Right, or Rear (activation switch representing the front) and
2. Near Pommel or Above Switch.

Those are the only two pieces of information we need for belt clip wheel location requests. Please do not use degrees or clock rotations or include image links for belt clip wheel location requests. A proper belt clip wheel location request would be "Left Side Near Pommel" or "Rear Side Above Switch" or "Rear Side Near Pommel" etc. You can also not put anything in the comments field and we will select an excellent default location for your belt clip wheel install.

Include Saber Stand

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Very basic assembly is required for stands. Any damage from assembling incorrectly is not covered under warranty.

***Sabers in pictures are NOT included with the stand, and are only shown for reference***

Grab Bag Saber

Availability: LEAD TIME - Allow 1 to 3 Business Days for Fabrication

Questions? Call 832-596-9003 or Click Here for How to Buy


This item is not a bag of sabers, it is a single, pre-constructed Stunt (NO SOUND) lightsaber hilt with Standard AAA Battery Setup, selected 100% at random.

These Grab Bag Sabers come with fully functional and warrantied electronics. The hilts may have cosmetic flaws.

You have the option to get your Grab Bag Saber without a blade or with the full size 36″ blade type of your choice. You can have the color of the lightsaber blade picked at random or you can pick this as well.

You cannot select the hilt type, color, size, quality, finish, or anything in regards to the construction of the saber’s hilt. This will be 100% random.