Make Your Own Lightsaber to Rule the Galaxy

The dream of holding a crackling lightsaber lives within the heart of every Star Wars fan, from the time you’re a kid until well into adulthood. It may start as a game, like a magic wand that’s built for battle, but over time, the desire to make your own lightsaber becomes something even more magical, almost spiritual, like one’s connection to the Force. To own a lightsaber is one thing, but to craft your own and wield it? That’s the Force at work in the hands of the holder, and there’s nothing quite like it. From building a lightsaber in the Star Wars universe to customizing the details of your very own weapon of the Jedi (or Sith), we’ll take you through everything you should know before you build your own lightsaber right here at UltraSabers.

As the blade lights up in the hands of Obi-Wan before he faces down Darth Vader, you can almost hear millions of voices cry out in elation and be suddenly silenced by the terrible tragedy of not having a lightsaber of their own. That might sound dramatic, but being able to make your own lightsaber is the dream of nearly every Star Wars fan. Unfortunately, taking on a DIY project at home is not easy or feasible for pretty much anyone due to the inhibitive price and excessive time investment required. Luckily, UltraSabers offers a realistic and affordable way to create your own lightsaber that you can admire — and wield in actual combat if you’re so inclined, giving you access to custom dueling lightsabers crafted with materials as durable as the Millenium Falcon. But before we get into that, let’s take a look into the galaxy far, far away.

How to Build a Lightsaber in the Star Wars Universe

While the films themselves don’t really address how to build a lightsaber in the Star Wars universe, the larger canon (and the older Expanded Universe now referred to as Legends) does. Across the board, making a lightsaber is shown to be something of a combination between a DIY engineering project and a ceremonial ritual. Technically, any Jedi or Padawan can build a lightsaber — the act of doing so is rather easy and does not require specific training or expertise. It does, however, require the right materials, but the holder can craft these with anything from scrap metal to sturdy wood from the Brylark tree.

In-Universe Components Necessary to Build a Lightsaber

When the Jedi or Sith build a lightsaber, they need to have the following components:

  • A power cell or energy matrix
  • An emitter gate from which the blade extends
  • A sleeve (or two)
  • A switch
  • A pommel
  • Niman
  • A kyber crystal, from which saber gets its power and the blade gets its color.

For a youngling or Padawan, building a lightsaber usually involves a ceremony where they craft it using the Force. True believers of the Force insist that the kyber crystal must choose its holder and the Jedi must go through a “bonding” process with it — during which it will absorb the holder’s essence, giving way to different lightsaber colors. The Sith must “bleed” their kyber crystals when they build a lightsaber, corrupting them with the Dark Side and turning them red.

How to Make Your Own Lightsaber for Real

If you want to make your own lightsaber for real, UltraSabers makes it easy to do so at an affordable price — while still maintaining Beskar-level quality and being completely battle ready. We offer the kit of tools you need to craft a custom lightsaber that has the exact look, feel and feature set you want.

Real Components Necessary to Build a Lightsaber

When you make your own lightsaber, you can customize the following components:

  • Blade
  • Hilt
  • Emitter or blade holder
  • Staff coupler
  • Body
  • Pommel
  • Electronics
  • Sound
  • Additional accessories and parts

Changing Parts After You Make Your Own Lightsaber

While we want you to be completely satisfied when you create your own lightsaber with us, we know that some people just love making modifications and changing things up. That’s why we have a fantastic selection of individual lightsaber parts that you can buy, either to swap out items on your existing saber or craft one completely from scratch.

Make Your Own Lightsaber Today at UltraSabers

Are you ready to make your own lightsaber and become part of the lineage of Jedi and Sith? Whether you want to bond with your color or bleed it red, you’ll find plenty of exciting ways to build a custom lightsaber right here. This is the way.

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