We wouldn’t be striving for perfection if we didn’t have a backup plan. In the rare event of a defect in your Ultrasaber, you’re covered under our iron-clad warranty. A saber that includes light and sound is a complex electronic device that we are proud of, and as saber forging experts, we at Ultra Sabers are very confident in our skill and we will back our sabers against any defects!

As of September 1st, 2014, we are now providing a 1 year limited warranty for any failures resulting from defective craftsmanship. That covers the entire “guts” of all of our sabers as well as the construction of our custom hilts. Please note that the warranty is NOT transferable! Selling or trading your Ultrasaber to another owner for any reason will void its warranty.

Issues covered:
Faulty LED lighting system
Faulty internal hardware/wiring
Blade film quality issue upon receipt of your saber
Speaker/Obsidian Soundboard failures

Items NOT covered:
Any failure that results from customer disassembling their saber
Wiring failure resulting from “twisted” wires inside the hilt.
Loss of functionality resulting from water submersion or contact with liquids
Failure that can be identified as obvious physical neglect or abuse
Damage resulting from general abuse

In the event that your warranty needs to be activated, please email info@ultrasabers.com with your Order # and a description of the issues you are having for any warranty claims and we will get you taken care of quickly.