Purple Lightsabers

The     Best     Purple     Lightsabers

Walking a thin line between the Light side and the Dark, the few wielders of the unique Purple lightsaber blades are both as respected and feared as they are well known throughout the galaxy. Their power lies in their aggressive combat styles that seem to pioneer new skills to accommodate their powerful styles.
Ultra Sabers is home to a great many wielders of Purple blades, and we’ve respectfully crafted and dispatched thousands of weapons to those who raise their blades to defend what they believe in.

Select     your     hilt     &     forge     your     destiny.

Purple Lightsaber Meaning

A purple lightsaber is a rare and mysterious one thought to symbolize a wielder whose alignment shifts from light to dark. However, this color is more strongly associated with the light side and the Jedi. We have an entire Holocron resource dedicated to purple lightsaber lore and the most famous wielder of a purple lightsaber blade. Use it to learn more about purple lightsaber meaning and inspire you as you build your own lightsaber to forge your destiny!