Yellow Lightsabers

What Does a Yellow Lightsaber Mean?

Yellow lightsabers have been used by bounty hunters and Jedi alike, but overall a yellow blade color is associated with the light side of the Force. In our Holocron, we have an entire resource explaining the yellow lightsaber meaning, as well as one about which character wields a yellow lightsaber. Check them out to learn more about yellow lightsabers, their wielders and how you can forge your own single blade lightsaber with the wide variety of sounds, blade colors and aesthetic features available at Ultrasabers.

Popular Yellow Lightsabers

Yellow Lightsaber

  • Empress
  • Shock
  • Dorinian
  • Empress LE
  • Shock LE
  • Crimson Empress
  • Dark Shock
  • Dark Dorinian
  • Azure Empress