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The Way of the Saber

The art of Saber combat takes practice & patience. We produce the galaxy’s most civilized weapon, and it’s about time we helped teach you a thing or two about wielding its power. You’ll find videos, articles, tips, and some of our favorite choreography here!

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UltraSabers in the Community

The members of the UltraSabers community prove their selflessness time and time again. Read up on SaberForum members making appearances at hospitals, raising money for amazing causes, and Jedi & Sith working together to brighten someone's day.

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Knowledge of the Force

Join UltraSabers as we discuss the force with some of our most influential SaberForum members, as well as meet some of the people behind your favorite Star Wars mythos, legends, and tales! Join us for interviews, conversations, duels, and more!

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Behind the UltraSabers Curtain

Ever wonder what the shop floor looks like? Want a sneak-peek at our next saber? Read UltraSabers spoilers, updates, behind the scenes, and more all right here!

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Lightsaber Construction: Building Your Lightsaber

Think those claws are just for show? Are you a Sith just for wielding a red Blade?? When it’s time to construct your lightsaber, it’s about more than just looks, and we just happen to know a thing or two about constructing a lightsaber. Read up on lightsaber construction as we compare pommels, hilts, emitters and more!

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Want to check out some of our Ultra Sabers in action? We've collected some of our favorite videos made or submitted to us by you: the fans! Everything from UltraSabers fans who really put their sabers to the test in combat, to fan made action films, to lightsaber training clubs & classes, we'll be sharing them here with you! Be sure to submit your own videos to be featured & shared in the Holocron!

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