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Being a Jedi is about much more than wielding a combat saber — it’s about the enlightenment that comes with being at peace with the Force. Sith lords, on the other hand, bend and contort the Force to their will. Whether you choose the path of the light or the dark side, there will be conflict — and for that, combat lightsabers, and knowing how to use them, are necessary. After all, it’s called Star Wars for a reason. While some fans are satisfied to have a lightsaber replica that looks just like the one wielded by their favorite character, others actually want to duel. Maybe it’s for fun, or maybe it’s competitive, but it definitely requires high-quality combat lightsabers and a little bit of skill to harness the power of the Force against your opponent.

There are different types of combat sabers on the market. You know you want something awesome, but choosing is like deciding whether or not to join your evil father in his conquest to rule the galaxy — there are advantages to every option. You can get combat sabers that are premade and ready to duel. Or, you can buy custom dueling lightsabers that are designed to your specifications. You might save some money on a premade option, but building custom sabers ensures you get a weapon that is right for you. Either way, you need battle-ready lightsabers that can withstand combat.

What Should You Look for in Combat Sabers?

Combat lightsabers come in different forms, and deciding which one is right for you comes down to numerous factors, such as:

The answer to these questions will differ for every young padawan. It’s crucial to do some research and only consider premium lightsabers regardless of your price range. All of the lightsabers produced by Ultrasabers are built for contact to some degree. While some heavy-duty blades are made for all-out competition, some lightweight options are better suited for friendly sparring sessions.

Different Combat Lightsabers for Different Dueling Styles?

It may sound odd to the new initiates who are used to bulls-eyeing womp rats in their T-16s back home, but lightsaber combat is a form of martial arts. As such, there are numerous styles you can engage in, from traditional fencing, kendo and historical European martial arts (HEMA) to Eskrima and heavy-grade fighting styles. Different types of combat ready lightsabers work better for different types of duels. For example:

  • Long combat sabers (11 to 12.5″ hilts) are good for kendo and defensive fighters who need to generate power.
  • Medium-length combat lightsabers (10-11″ hilts) are often the best choice for beginners because they bring balance to the Force, being usable for both offense and defense with one or two hands.
  • Short combat sabers (below 10″ hilts) are light and fast, making them excellent for traditional fencing and Eskrima styles.

Use UltraSabers Combat Lightsabers to Rule the Duel

Custom sabers need to be made with high-quality materials, like aircraft-grade machined aluminum, to withstand every duel you put them through. At UltraSabers, you can build your own lightsaber to make sure it’s exactly what you want. You’ll select a hilt to start with and then trick it out with tons of custom options. For example:

  • The Initiate LE V2 is considered one of the best combat lightsabers on the market with a short hilt.
  • The Initiate V3 is one of the best combat lightsabers with a medium-length hilt.

Beyond those, we have plenty of other options that are sure to tickle your midi-chlorians.

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