Lightsaber Colors

If you’ve ever wanted to wield the force like a true Jedi or strike down your foes in Sith Lord fashion, you can’t go into combat with any ordinary lightsaber. That’s where we can help. At Ultrasabers, we offer a spectacular selection of various lightsaber colors to choose from that can help you hone your craft like a pro.

Whether you wish to spar with a bright yellow lightsaber or strike fear in the heart of your enemies with a dark red lightsaber, we’re your go-to destination for all lightsaber colors!

Blue Lightsabers

The classic, exemplary Guardian Blue lightsaber will make you feel like the legendary Luke Skywalker when on the battlefield.

Green Lightsabers

If you wish to embody the spirit of a true Jedi Master, our Consular Green lightsaber will bring out the inner-Yoda in you.

Red Lightsabers

Are you more of a Sith Lord than a Jedi Master? Let our Blazing Red lightsaber awaken your dark power during every strike.

Purple Lightsabers

The unique Blue Violet Amethyst lightsaber displays a hint of both class and mystery, and is ideal for the wielders who play by their own set of rules.

White Lightsabers

The extremely rare Adegan Silver lightsaber represents separation from bureaucracy while also shining a beacon of good once unsheathed.

Yellow Lightsabers

Shine bright and stand out in combat by wielding a glowing, top-of-the-line Pulse Yellow lightsaber.

Orange Lightsabers

The intense and captivating hue of a Fire Orange lightsaber demands attention on any battlefield in the hands of a powerful warrior.

Ultrasabers: The Galaxy's Greatest Arsenal of Lightsabers

Whether you’re cosplaying one of the many Jedis or Siths, or roleplaying your own unique character, the quality of your lightsaber is of the utmost importance. Your blade should not only emit the brightest glow, but it should also look great when paired with the rest of your gear. While there are many lightsaber colors available in the galaxy (also known as the Internet), Ultrasabers’ variety of high-quality, vibrant lightsabers are unmatched.

Unlike ordinary lightsabers that are cheaply made, our equipment is crafted from aluminum and polycarbonate materials to ensure long-lasting durability. And, all lightsaber colors available in our store can be fully customized with a setup that meets your needs. Whether you’re looking to create a radiant, single-blade green lightsaber or a deadly, double-bladed red lightsaber that would put Darth Maul’s blade to shame, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with your purchase.

Check out our lightsaber collections below: