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If you’ve ever wanted to wield the force like a true Jedi or strike down your foes in Sith Lord fashion, you can’t go into combat with any ordinary lightsaber. That’s where we can help. At Ultrasabers, we offer a spectacular selection of various lightsaber colors to choose from that can help you hone your craft like a pro. Whether you wish to spar with a bright yellow lightsaber or strike fear in the heart of your enemies with a dark red lightsaber, we’re your go-to destination for all lightsaber colors.

Whether you’re cosplaying one of the many Jedis or Siths, or roleplaying your own unique character, the quality of your lightsaber is of the utmost importance. Your blade should not only emit the brightest glow, but it should also look great when paired with the rest of your gear. While there are many lightsaber colors available in the galaxy (also known as the Internet), Ultrasabers’ variety of high-quality, vibrant lightsabers are unmatched. Unlike ordinary lightsabers that are cheaply made, our equipment is crafted from aluminum and polycarbonate materials to ensure long-lasting durability. And, all lightsaber colors available in our store can be fully customized with a setup that meets your needs. Whether you’re looking to create a radiant, single-blade green lightsaber or a deadly, double-bladed red lightsaber that would put Darth Maul’s blade to shame, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with your purchase.

Are you interested in learning more about our lightsaber colors? Check out some of our top-selling products below:

Blue Lightsabers


This classic, exemplary blue lightsaber will make you feel like the legendary Luke Skywalker when on the battlefield.


Green Lightsabers


If you wish to embody the spirit of a true Jedi Master, our Consular green lightsaber will bring out the inner-Yoda in you.


Purple Lightsabers


This unique purple lightsaber displays a hint of both class and mystery, and is ideal for the wielders who play by their own set of rules.


White Lightsabers


This extremely rare white lightsaber represents separation from bureaucracy while also shining a beacon of good once unsheathed.


Red Lightsabers


Are you more of a Sith Lord than a Jedi Master? Let our blazing red lightsaber awaken your dark power during every strike.


Yellow Lightsabers


Shine bright and stand out in combat by wielding a glowing, top-of-the-line pulse yellow lightsaber.




You already know that the Star Wars universe is filled with a significant amount of lore, but did you know that there is a history behind the different lightsaber colors? Whether you’re new to the franchise or have been a fan since catching A New Hope on opening-night, understanding the traditional knowledge of all lightsaber colors is important when pledging allegiance to the Light or Dark Side. Before you purchase and customize your own Manticore CE, Lost Gray or Arbiter lightsaber, read on to learn the various lightsaber color meanings.

History of Blue Lightsaber Colors

Equipped by Jedi Guardians and used by both Anakin and Luke Skywalker, the blue lightsaber was (and still is) made for combat and represents the Guardians dedication to upholding nothing but justice. The blue lightsaber is constructed from the kyber crystal, but also powered by three other crystals — the Antare Crystal, the Mantle of the Force and the Permafrost Crystal. Each blue lightsaber is bound to users from the Light Side and greatly amplifies abilities from the Force.

History of Green Lightsaber Colors

Aside from blue models, the green lightsaber is fairly common and used by calm, collected and peaceful Jedi knights with an expertise for the Force. Jedi who are acclimated to constant growth and change wield these blades with skillful wisdom and a thirst for knowledge. This is why Master Yoda, Luke Skywalker and Qui-Gon Jinn all use a green lightsaber to dominate the battlefield.

History of Purple Lightsaber Colors

Typically, the purple lightsaber is wielded by individuals on both the Light and Dark Side. Most warriors who use a purple lightsaber are lone wolves who would rather do things their way. Once equipped, these Jedi knights or Sith Lords attack with precision, power and rapid movement to cut through the action and move onto the next objective. Additionally, the purple crystals within the lightsaber bring out the utmost potential in each user’s mental and physical capacities.

History of White Lightsaber Colors

Perhaps one of the rarest weapons in the galaxy, the white lightsaber was created by the powerful Ahsoka Tano. Not one to follow the Jedi Order, Tano’s white lightsaber embodied that separation while also radiating and representing positivity.

Red Lightsaber

History of Red Lightsaber Colors

Honed by the Sith, the red lightsaber is one that represents bravery and is used by fearless warriors with a strategic mindset to eliminate their foes and control the fight. The Jedi owned the planet Ilum, so red lightsabers were created through the Sith’s desperation to make up for the lack of access to crystals. Using furnaces and meditation, the Sith created synthetic red crystals to create mighty lightsabers for combat.

History of the Yellow Lightsaber Colors

Unfortunately, the yellow lightsaber is a very unusual and rare weapon that doesn’t have much history behind it. However, it was used by many Jedi from the Jedi Sentinel and Jedi Temple Guard. Not only that, but both Asajj Ventress and Ahsoka Tano were wielders of a yellow lightsaber during their career.

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