Spectre Lightsaber

Spectre Full Shot No Engraving
Spectre Full Shot with Engraving
Spectre Square Activation Box
Spectre Angled Activation Box
Spectre - Emitter No Windows
Spectre Emitter with Windows
Spectre - Emitter No Covertec Option
Spectre - Emitter WITH Covertec Option
Spectre Pommel with D-Ring
Spectre Pommel NO D-Ring
Spectre Body NO Engraving
Spectre Body with Engraving
Spectre Rear NO Windows
Spectre Rear with Windows
The Spectre Ignited

Spectre Lightsaber



Choose Your Configuration


Choose Your Setup

NO SOUND (Stunt Saber)
- 18650 Li-Ion Setup Battery Configuration (Charger & Battery included), or 4 x AAA Battery Setup [Depends on compatibility with the selected hilt]
- Silver Finish Non-Illuminated AV Switch
- No Sound Effects
- 36" Heavy Duty Blade with Round Tip

- 18650 Li-Ion Setup Battery Configuration (Charger & Battery included)
- Silver Finish Non-Illuminated AV Switch
- Obsidian Lite Soundboard installed
- 36” Heavy Duty Blade with Round Tip

Read about UltraProffie here (link will open in a new tab)
- 18650 Li-Ion Setup Battery Configuration (Charger & Battery included)
- Silver Finish Non-Illuminated AV Switch
- UltraProffie Zero Soundboard installed
- 36” Heavy Duty Blade with Round Tip

Read about UltraProffie here (link will open in a new tab)
- 18650 Li-Ion Setup Battery Configuration (Charger & Battery included)
- Silver Finish Non-Illuminated AV Switch
- UltraProffie Lite Soundboard installed
- 36” NeoPixel Blade Included

-Blade Plug
-Covertec Clip
-Lightsaber Stand
-Blade Retention Wrench
-USB Cable
-Recharge Port
-Flash on Clash


Obsidian USB Lite Sound with Chassis! [75% Off Obsidian Sound]

Pick the type of sound install you want for your saber.

Features of the UltraProffie Soundboard:

Check out our FAQ for a description of the differences between UltraProffie Lite and UltraProffie Zero.

The UltraProffie board features a simple to use, single button and gesture-controlled on-board settings menu that allows you to adjust blade brightness, color with select options, sound with select options, sensitivity, volume, and more straight from the saber.
-Up to 25 preloaded sound + blade style presets.
-Smooth swing built in to every UltraProffie Soundboard.
-Tip drag, all-new ignition & deactivation effects, new lockup, blaster block, wall melt, blaster mode, force lightning and so so so much more- all baked right in when you get it with a Neopixel Blade.
-Advanced sensitivity controls for every single motion your saber is capable of.
-Switch your Ultrasaber into Stealth-Mode for ~1/3rd power output, to extend your saber’s battery life.
-Upgraded from a 2watt to a 3Watt speaker.
-Built in USB recharge port on each soundboard.
-Auto-power-off at timeout and low battery.
-So much more.

Visit the UltraProffie Launcher here for saber controls and open source documentation (Requires Google Chrome).
View and download the UltraProffie Lite Guide here.
View and download the UltraProffie Zero Guide here.

Features of the NEW Obsidian Soundboard with Chassis are:

-Built on chassis, ⏀1.3”, 4” long
-Powered by a single 3.7V, 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery
-Built-in battery holder and electrical protection
-Built-in audio amplifier and speaker
-Drives 2 LEDs and a 127-pixel string blade, simultaneously
-Up to 10 fonts, up to 25 sounds per font
-Up to 6 : 40 minutes audio memory
-Auto-power-off at timeout and low battery

Click here for technical specs for NEW Obsidian Soundboard.

Click here for users guide for NEW Obsidian Soundboard.

Diamond Controller LED Type

RGBW LED [Recommended]
Please select the type of LED you would like equipped in your Diamond Saber. With an RGBW LED you will have White (Silver) connected to channel 4 and will be able to create much purer whites. With RGBA will have Amber (Orange) connected to channel 4 and can use this for different color mixing and will have to mix Red, Green, and Blue to create White (Silver).

Choose the color of your blade!

RGB For Basic Sound

Choose the color of your blade!

Blazing Red, Consular Green, Guardian Blue, Fire Orange, and Adegan Silver are all made with single diode High Powered LEDs.

Violet Amethyst, Sun Rider's Destiny, Arctic Blue, Bane's Heart, Blue Violet Amethyst, Pyrestone Orange, and Sentinel Yellow are all made with multicolor RGB LEDs and combining multiple diodes to create the Blade Color.

Tri Blazing Red, Tri Consular Green, Tri Guardian Blue, Tri Fire Orange, Tri Arctic Blue and Tri Adegan Silver are all made using Tri Cree LEDs with all three diodes wired together. [Not compatible with Flash on Clash]

To use color discs you remove the blade, drop a disc down the blade socket, then replace the blade. These only work properly with the Adegan Silver blade color. Colors obtained using color discs create a blade that is significantly dimmer than if you just ordered that color blade standalone (for example Guardian Blue is much brighter than using a blue color disc).

Neopixel Blade Color

Neopixel String Blade
Ultrasabers NeoPixel blades are capable of adjusting to any color you can imagine, and will arrive preset with a variety of colors!

Diamond Flash on Clash

Flash Off for Diamond

Diamond Pulse Mode

Diamond Pulse Off

Emerald Driver Configuration

4 Channel Emerald Driver - RGBW LED

Flash on Clash

Flash on Clash for Basic Sound
PLEASE NOTE: Flash on Clash is not possible with Tri Cree LEDs. If you have selected a Tri-Cree LED, then your saber cannot support Flash on Clash. You can only have one or the other. If you would like to add Flash on Clash, please go back and select a non-Tri-Cree LED blade color.

Obsidian Lite Battery Configuration

Standard Setup
The Obsidian Lite operates with the Standard Setup. Standard Setup is a setup that uses regular AAA batteries to power your saber. (4xAAA batteries for all colors). You can use regular Alkaline batteries or rechargeable NiMh batteries (not provided).

Li-Ion Setup is not an option on sabers equipped with the Obsidian Lite soundboard. If you are interested in a Li-Ion battery setup please go for a saber equipped with Premium Sound.

Pulse Mode

Pulse Off

Battery Configuration

Li-Ion Setup (Batteries & Charger Included)
***The VC2 Charger is HIGHLY recommended for all Li-Ion setups. This is by far the superior charger for Li-Ion battery care and maintenance.***

Standard Setup is a setup that uses regular AAA batteries to power your saber. (4xAAA batteries for all colors). You can use regular Alkaline batteries or rechargeable NiMh batteries (not provided).

Our Li-Ion battery Setups are the superior battery pack configurations. A Li-Ion battery configuration is required for all sabers with sound. (Your saber only comes with sound if it says WITH SOUND in the title of the setup name)

Recharge Port

No Recharge Port

Check out our FAQ and video on Recharge Ports here! (Link will open in a new tab)

We offer three different Recharge Port Charger options depending on your battery setup. If you plan on opting out of a charger to use one you already own, please read our FAQ to ensure that your charger is compatible and avoid damaging your electronics.

Recharge Ports are not compatible with our Basic Soundboard.

Blade Length

36" Standard Size

Blade Option

UltraEdge Midgrade
Select what type of blade you want to come with your UltraSaber.

> Mid-Grade
Mid-Grade blades are an excellent all around choice. They are lightweight and allow the true color of the LED through at maximum brightness. These blades are durable enough for light sparring, but are not as thick as our Heavy Grade blades and are therefore not recommended for full contact/ heavy dueling.

> UltraEdge
UltraEdge blades are available in the above Mid & Heavy grades, and are created from a white polycarbonate tube providing a thick, bright blade. The white polycarbonate creates a FULLER blade look but isn't as bright as non-Ultraedge blades.

> Heavy Grade & Ultra Edge Heavy Grade
Our Heavy Grade blades weigh literally twice as much as the Mid-Grade blades, and they do trade off a bit of brightness in exchange for their brutal strength. These blades are recommended blade for those who intend on full contact dueling or sparring against wooden Bokken or similar weaponry.

For more detailed information, check out our SaberForum post that explains the difference between each of our available lightsaber blade types here. (Link will open in a new tab)

Diamond Sound

Diamond Sound
All Diamond Controllers come equipped with sound.

Features of the Diamond Controller soundboard are:

-Greatly increased Memory Space (256MB compared to 16MB on v4 soundboard)
-10 different soundfonts
-Change soundfonts with push of a button
-Synchronized sound and light effects for unlimited unique variations and possibilities
-Can use .lsu or .wav files (48KHz 16bit)
-Update firmware with Launcher
-Unlimited Awesomeness

Spectre Emitter Type

No Windows

Spectre Emitter Belt Clip Wheel

No Thanks

Spectre Body Type

No Engraving Pattern

Spectre Pommel Type

No D-Ring

Spectre Activation Box

Angled Activation Box

Switch Type

Select your lightsaber's A/V Switch.  The AV Switch will control the power to the saber as well as allow you to operate the Obsidian Soundboard, UltraProffie, NeoPixel, or Diamond Controller if your saber is configured to include them.

Select from the standard Guarded switch, an illuminated or non-illuminated AV Switch switch here. These AV switches are just for cosmetic purposes- they make your saber look cool, they do not serve for any additional functionality, and are not required for any additional functionality over the guarded switch.

AV Switch Channel

Channel 4 (Dedicated to AV Switch) [Recommended]
This option ONLY applies if you selected an illuminated AV Switch. If you did not opt for an illuminated AV Switch then please disregard this option.

Also, AV Switches do NOT change colors. Once you select a color it will always be that color. This option only dictates how we supply power to the LED on the illuminated AV switch.

Basic Sound

Basic Soundboard
Our NEW Basic Soundboard comes preloaded with 9 sound fonts and smooth swing. An onboard menu allows you to change between the different sound fonts, as well as change your blade color to any color on the spectrum.

Quick Disconnect

Quick Disconnect is an option offered with sabers that use the MLS (Modular LED System) unit to house the LED. This option allows you to remove the MLS unit and replace it with one of a different color. Additional MLS units are sold here.

This option does NOT work with the RGB color selection, only with single color sabers. Please do not select Quick Disconnect with the RGB color option.

Choose Blade Tip Type

Round Tip
Round Tips look round and pointed tips look pointed. There is absolutely no other difference.

There is a surcharge for pointed tips because we do not stock these and would have to custom make the blade for you. They are not superior in any way. It is just a preference if you want your tip to be round or pointed.

99% of Ultrasaber blades are made with round tips.

Blade Retention Screw Wrench

No Thanks
The Blade Retention Screw Wrench is just the small allen wrench required to remove the blade. This wrench is NOT required to hold the blade in place. That screw is provided standard with every Ultrasaber.

You can also purchase these separately from any hardware store, or you may already own a set of these. Purchasing this one guarantees that you will get the correct size wrench for the screw in your Ultrasaber. Using the wrong size wrench can strip your retention screw.

All Ultrasaber retention screws require Standard size hex wrenches, DO NOT USE METRIC SIZE WRENCHES, you will strip the screw.

Include Blade Plug

No Thanks
Blade Plugs are designed to be inserted in your saber when the blade is removed to protect your LEDs. They give the hilt a cool look when the saber is ignited, and prevent you from shining a high powered LED directly into yours or someone else's eyes.

Select an option above to see illuminated examples of each blade plug.

Include Day Blade

No Thanks
Day blades are a fantastic solution to keep your saber looking perfect during long days of brightly lit conventions, outdoor events, intense studio lighting, or times when you don't have your saber powered on.

Day Blades are 36" Heavy Grade blades, with a 1" diameter.

Please Note: A Day Blade's colored Polycarbonate will affect the appearance of the color of your saber's LED when it is ignited. Please make sure to select a Day Blade blade that best matches your saber's blade color!

Include Saber Stand

No Thanks
Very basic assembly is required for stands. Any damage from assembling incorrectly is not covered under warranty.

***Sabers in pictures are NOT included with the stand, and are only shown for reference***

Include MINI USB Cable

No Thanks
A MINI USB cable is needed in order to interface your saber's Obsidian Soundboard or Emerald Driver with the Obsidian Launcher on your computer when changing your installed soundfonts or blade color.

You can download the Obsidian Launcher here.

[Note: This cable is NOT used for any charging purposes]

Include MICRO USB Cable

No Thanks
A MICRO USB cable is needed in order to interface your saber's Diamond Controller with the Ultrasabers Launcher on your computer when changing your installed fonts, effects, and gestures.

You can download the Ultrasabers Launcher for the Diamond Controller here.

[Note: This cable is NOT used for any charging purposes]

Include DevPort Module

No Thanks
The DevPort can only be used with UltraProffie soundboards. It has no compatibility with Obsidian, Emerald, or Diamond boards. The DevPort is required to connect any UltraProffie board to www.ultraproffie.com (requires Google Chrome) or Arduino via USB.

Any use of the DevPort with the UltraProffie soundboard is not covered under warranty. This tool allows you to makes changes to the actual coding of the soundboard and is for advanced users only.

Include Belt Clip

No Thanks
A belt clip wheel is the knob on a lightsaber that allows you to attach the lightsaber to a belt clip and wear it on your belt.

A clip is the clip that you wear on your belt that allows you to hang your lightsabers from a belt clip wheel for costuming or to just carry your saber in general.  This is typically done with the blade removed.  The blades are removable on ALL Ultrasabers.

Not all Ultra Sabers come standard with a belt clip wheel. All Prophecy models, all Shock Models, The Bane, The Bellicose, The Overlord, The Guardian, The Graflex SE & CE, and The Consular are just a few of the sabers that come standard with a belt clip wheel and one does not have to be added or purchased.

You can purchase a belt clip wheel separately from here.
(Link will open in a new tab)

You can purchase a belt clip clip separately from here.
(Link will open in a new tab)

Spectre Lightsaber

Availability: LEAD TIME - Allow 1 to 3 Business Days for Fabrication

Questions? Call 832-596-9003 or Click Here for How to Buy


  • All Aircraft Grade Aluminum Construction
  • Length: 13.5”
  • Width: 1.5”
  • Guard Diameter: 2.875”
  • Removable Pommel (MHS Compatible)
  • Removable Emitter (MHS Compatible)
  • Polycarbonate Blade
  • CREE XP-E2 or LED Engin High Powered LED
  • Powered by 4 AAA batteries or 2x Li-Ion Batteries


Ultrasabers is proud to present: Spectre

We’re extremely excited to present this one to you guys- it has immediately become one of our favorite lightsabers in the arsenal, and we’re sure you’ll agree.

Top to bottom, this lightsaber is packed with features that we’ve been itching to outfit a single saber with for a long time.

Say hello to one of the most beautiful emitters we’ve ever crowned an Ultrasaber with. The Spectre’s emitter rests atop the first rounded guard we’ve ever featured and is available with or without the beautiful wrap-around vertical windows for a look of pure elegance.

The emitter’s features don’t stop there. The Spectre is the first Ultrasaber that can be worn in two parts. We’ve designed the Spectre to accommodate a covertec wheel in the emitter so that it can hang from your belt independently of the hilt. If you recognize this lightsaber from it’s inspired source, you’ll understand why we’re so excited to be able to offer this feature, and why we worked so hard to make sure it was included.

You’ve undoubtedly already noticed the body of the Spectre. You all asked us to bring more lightsabers with etching to the lineup, and we weren’t about to hesitate to give you all what you ask for. The Spectre has been given the full-pattern treatment, with an intricate circuit board look that’s sure to turn some heads. For you purists out there: we haven’t forgotten about you! The Spectre’s body is available in a classic black anodized finish for that clean tuxedo look that you know and love from Ultrasabers. Finally, The Spectre comes standard with a covertec wheel that rests centered on the back of the shroud above the pommel.

You Ultrasabers veterans know that our features and options don’t stop there! We got such great feedback from all of you when we released our square and angled activation boxes, so we especially wanted to bring them back for The Spectre’s hilt to really complete the saber’s look.

And last, but definitely not least, we’ve capped off the Spectre with a great new pommel that really gives it the perfect balance you know we prioritize in a lightsaber crafted for expert combat. The Spectre’s pommel features four cardinal direction ridges that alternate with the position of the sound vents and really compliment the vertical etching that runs the length of the shroud. The Spectre’s pommel has been designed to accommodate a D-Ring for another option to be worn for cosplay (or any other night on the town).

The Spectre comes completely assembled and ready to go. The emitter and pommel are removable and compatible with MHS parts.