Custom Dueling Lightsabers for a More Civilized Age

The Jedi may be peacekeepers, but even Yoda knows when it’s time to prepare for a duel with the forces of the dark side. With custom dueling lightsabers from UltraSabers, you can recreate your favorite battles or forge your own destiny, all while staying in tune with the Force. FX combat lightsabers give you the sight, sound and authentic feel you need — and you can actually duel with them. UltraSabers is one of the top lightsaber companies on this side of the Mos Eisley Cantina, and we’re willing to bet our kyber crystals that you’ll agree. Discover the best dueling lightsabers and create your own to rule the galaxy.

Whether you side with the dark or the light, sabers are the weapons of choice for both Sith and Jedi. And if you’re ready to engage in clashes of epic proportions, you don’t want sabers made of junk parts from Watto’s shop — you want something ultra. Sabers made with premium materials like aluminum and polycarbonate can handle even the most heated duels.

What Defines Combat-Ready Lightsabers?

While some collectors are primarily interested in the aesthetic aspects of lightsaber construction, others want lightsabers for dueling — whether for roleplay sessions, fan films or competitions. As mentioned, combat-ready lightsabers need to be made with the highest quality materials so they can withstand the contact that comes with dueling. Even if your duels are choreographed and you have the discipline of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, lightsaber combat still requires your weaponry to be able to take hits. But it’s not just the materials — lightsabers for dueling need to be constructed with the level of precision it takes to bullseye womp rats.

Why Are UltraSabers the Best Lightsabers for Dueling?

All of our sabers are ready for combat. When you build your own lightsaber at UltraSabers, you’ll be able to duel with it, no matter what options you choose. With our custom dueling lightsabers, you’ll get the exact look you want with the durability your duels require. In addition to being made with aircraft-grade aluminum and polycarbonate, our sabers are constructed with their light source in the hilt — no cheap LED strings in the blade that could easily be damaged. And, whether you want something totally unique or directly inspired by Star Wars, lightsaber hilts from UltraSabers will give you a level of detail and durability that would impress any Jedi. These are also dueling lightsabers with sound components that will remain intact even when the combat heats up.

Be Mindful When Designing Custom Dueling Lightsabers

Even though all of our products are ready for lightsaber combat, there are some things you should keep in mind. Primarily, we offer different blade options for our custom dueling lightsabers, and the best choice for you depends on the level of combat in which you intend to engage. Choices include:

  • Midgrade — Best for light, casual dueling
  • Ultraedge Midgrade — Uses white polycarbonate for brighter illumination
  • Heavy Grade — Twice as thick and preferred for intense lightsaber combat
  • Ultraedge Heavy Grade — Fuller illumination for the thicker blade

Custom lightsabers for dueling should also be tailored to your preferences, especially when it comes to the hilt size and style. Consider what will be comfortable for you during combat, and choose something that will work for you. For instance, wielders with smaller hands should consider smaller hilts, like the Initiate V2 or anything in our V2 series. Additionally, while double-bladed lightsabers like the one wielded by Darth Maul are truly incredible, they also require even more discipline for combat and may be difficult for beginners to use. Keep your goals in mind, and design a custom dueling lightsaber that will help you meet them.

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Harness The Force with These Tips for Lightsaber Combat

You’re at UltraSabers, so you’ve already found the best lightsabers for dueling. But you’re not a Jedi yet. While we craft lightsabers you can duel with, it takes time to master the proper techniques and actually duel effectively. Like Luke Skywalker on Dagobah, spend some time developing your lightsaber fighting style. Lightsaber combat is similar to fencing — study techniques like feinting and employing proper fighting stances. And don’t overswing or use dueling lightsabers like bludgeoning tools. These are elegant weapons for a more civilized age — treat them as such. When you’re ready, look into some more advanced lightsaber tricks for dueling, and eventually, you’ll rule the galaxy.

Use Your Instincts to Craft Custom Dueling Lightsabers

We’re dedicated to helping you learn the ways of The Force and getting you the combat lightsabers you need to do it. You’ve found the best custom dueling lightsabers anywhere online — everything else was just the opening crawl, and it’s time to start the real journey. Don’t walk — Kessel Run to UltraSabers’ store today!

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