Realistic Lightsabers

The first time you see a real lightsaber’s bright colorful beam of light accompanied by the unmistakable SNAP-HISS of its energy, you are hooked. Honestly, what Star Wars fan doesn’t dream of owning his or her own Jedi or Sith blade? Ultra Sabers makes that dream come true with the most realistic lightsabers for sale on the market. When you grip a realistic lightsaber from Ultra Sabers, you instantly feel as though you’ve stepped into the Star Wars universe. Our sabers are customizable, collectible and crafted for both cosplay and combat arts. Explore our ever-expanding selection and experience a real lightsaber today!

An Elegant Weapon — The Appeal of Real-Life Lightsabers

Whether you’re cosplaying one of the many Jedis or Siths, or roleplaying your own unique character, the quality of your lightsaber is of the utmost importance. Your blade should not only emit the brightest glow, but it should also look great when paired with the rest of your gear. While there are many lightsaber colors available in the galaxy (also known as the Internet), UltraSabers’ variety of high-quality, vibrant lightsabers are unmatched. Unlike ordinary lightsabers that are cheaply made, our equipment is crafted from aluminum and polycarbonate materials to ensure long-lasting durability. And, all lightsaber colors available in our store can be fully customized with a setup that meets your needs. Whether you’re looking to create a radiant, single-blade green lightsaber or a deadly, double-bladed red lightsaber that would put Darth Maul’s blade to shame, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with your purchase.

Are you interested in learning more about our lightsaber colors? Check out some of our top-selling products below:

These ARE the Realistic Lightsabers You’re Looking For

The real lightsabers for sale at Ultra Sabers are fantastic replicas inspired by the actual weapons you see in the films, TV series, comic books, animated features and more. These aren’t cheap toy store knock-offs, either. They are painstakingly crafted to ensure that you feel, see, hear and have the most realistic lightsaber experience you’ll find anywhere. Our sabers are:


Show off your Star Wars fandom with a realistic lightsaber. Craft your own personal weapon as the centerpiece to a Star Wars display, or collect various styles of hilts and blade colors to create an homage to the Jedi or the Sith.

Real Star Wars lightsabers make great conversation pieces. Show off your collection to guests and break down the significance of your customized creations. Each component from the hilt to the pommel to the color of the blade has a purpose and a story in the background. Have fun and allow your imagination to craft a backstory for your lightsaber or the character to whom it belongs.


The connection between a real lightsaber and its user is an important aspect of owning your own saber. In Star Wars lore, a Jedi and Sith build their own sabers as a rite of passage. That’s why when buying real lightsabers, customization is crucial.

The first thing you’ll notice about your custom-made lightsaber is its color. Realistic lightsabers from Ultra Sabers come in a variety of colors, each with its own meaning and symbolism. Some of the more popular choices are:

  • Blue — The first real lightsaber fans saw, Anakin’s blue blade that Obi-Wan hands over to Luke, is a combat saber wielded most commonly by Jedi Guardians.
  • Green — A calmer, wiser Luke Skywalker built himself a green-bladed saber, which represents peace and a quest for knowledge. Yoda and Qui-Gon Jinn also wield such sabers.
  • Purple — Lightsabers with purple blades find themselves in the hands of both light and dark users. They typically belong to “loners” who seek to follow their own path. Mace Windu is the most recognizable purple saber user in the Star Wars films.
  • Red — When your journey to the dark side is complete, choose a real lightsaber with a red blade. Do we really need to remind you who used red sabers?

Other customizable options include different colors (including white, silver, pink, orange, yellow and more), numerous hilt styles for both Jedi and Sith, and realistic sound effects. You can also choose between a single-blade or dual-blade saber.

Red Lightsaber

Perfect for Cosplay

Our real lightsabers are the perfect focal point for any Jedi or Sith costume. Whether you’re attending a premiere event, a Halloween party or simply donning your ceremonial robes for fun, real Star Wars lightsabers up the ante for cosplay.

The type of cosplay lightsaber you carry goes a long way to flesh out your character and enhance your adopted persona. Choose only the best realistic sabers to show off the perfect amount of character and attitude.

Designed for Combat

Ultra Sabers’ realistic lightsabers aren’t just for show. We offer various levels of blade durability to support anything from light sparring to all-out combat training and competitive matches.

Customize Your Own Realistic Lightsaber

Join the fight for the galaxy and choose your weapon. Our step-by-step process walks you through customizing your own real lightsaber. Choose the style, color and sounds that fit your collection and craft the most realistic lightsaber you can find. Order today!

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