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Whether you’re looking for an elegant weapon for high-contact dueling or a hilt to bring your cosplay to life, we have the saber for you! Ultrasabers carries high-end lightsaber models of all your favorite legends from the galaxy far, far away. Shop our selection of Mara Jade lightsabers below or check out our full collection of character-inspired replicas.

Custom Lightsabers & Accessories Inspired By Mara Jade

Who is Mara Jade?

Mara Jade is a multifaceted character from Legends, whose life undergoes significant shifts. Initially, Mara Jade serves Emperor Palpatine as the “Emperor’s Hand,” a covert operative tasked with carrying out his direct orders, often involving assassinations and espionage. With her intense loyalty to the Emperor and a strong connection to the Force, she was a formidable agent. After the fall of the Emperor, Mara carries a deep-seated vendetta against Luke Skywalker, whom she believes is responsible for Palpatine’s demise. However, as events unfold, she finds herself allying with Luke and eventually letting go of her past animosities.

Over time, Jade and Skywalker grow closer, leading to their marriage and her evolution into a powerful Jedi Master in her own right. She devotes her life to the New Jedi Order and eventually gives birth to a son named Ben Skywalker. As the Second Galactic War breaks out, she continues to serve as a Jedi Master alongside her husband and fight against emerging threats. She would ultimately meet her fate at the hands of her nephew Jacen Solo, the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa who fell to the dark side.

Although her journey ends tragically, Mara Jade’s story is one of redemption and transformation, illustrating the enduring theme of light overcoming darkness in the Star Wars universe.

Build Your Own Custom Lightsaber

At Ultrasabers, you can wield your own Mara Jade lightsaber or create a custom saber that’s unique to you. With our vast selection of parts and components, there are millions of possible combinations for you to choose from as you build the lightsaber of your dreams!

Our easy-to-use custom lightsaber builder will take you through each step of the process to help you construct your own saber online. Choose from hundreds of lightsaber hilts and a wide variety of accessories and components. You can personalize nearly every aspect of your lightsaber, including the features of the hilt and the color of the blade. Add electronics and other enhancements such as sound accessories and color-changing options for a fully immersive experience!

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