Purple Lightsaber Lore & History

To understand the role that each saber plays we must first understand where the color originates from. Color comes from cyber crystals.  The crystal is at the core of the lightsaber and the color of the crystal determines the color of the saber. They are extremely rare and attuned to the Force.  The color emitted by each crystal is determined by the personality, fighting style, and force-alignment of the wielder. This article will focus on the mysterious purple lightsaber crystals.

Purple Lightsaber History

Who has a purple lightsaber?  While blue, red, and green lightsaber crystals are the most common colors in the Star Wars universe, purple lightsabers are less often seen, and these exceedingly rare crystals were used by few duelists throughout history.  Jedi are most commonly seen with the purple lightsaber. However, purple crystals are unique in the sense that they share an affiliation with both the light and the dark side. With a mixture of red and blue to produce the purple hue, this correlation makes more sense.  The Jedi with a purple lightsaber typically have a stronger alignment with the light side but have been known to journey off into the darkness only to later return to the light.


Previously we touched on the fact that most purple lightsaber wielders seen in Star Wars shared an affinity with both sides of the Force.  This is further demonstrated in the personality of the wielder. These individuals are typically aggressive, bold, and daring, leading their comrades fearlessly into battle. These duelists are relentless in the pursuit of their goals, demonstrating a solid commitment to their values and radiating passion.  They have good morals, but their hostility can sometimes misguide their decision-making, leading them astray. The color purple is charismatic, and often times those that share an affinity to the lightsaber are drawn to one another.


The Origins of Mace Windu’s Purple Lightsaber

The most iconic purple lightsaber in the Star Wars universe is unquestionably the one wielded by Jedi Champion, Master Mace Windu. As a youngling entering Jedi training, Windu could view shatter points in the Force.  These are a complex Force phenomenon, attained by a small number of individuals. Essentially, it allowed Windu to place immense focus and concentration on the fault lines of the Force, and perceive different possibilities and their result, providing him a glimpse into the future and the consequences of actions.

Building your own lightsaber was a rite of passage for a young Jedi Padawan.  The youngling would be sent to mine his own crystal, build it into a lightsaber, all the while meditating during the construction to augment the crystal and form a bond with the lightsaber.  Through Windu’s visions during shatter point exposure, he caught a glimpse of the lightsaber he was destined to build. Mace then brought this to the attention of the Jedi Council, which caused concern, as the purple lightsaber of his visions was thought to be impossible for Windu to build.  However, Mace was determined to build the lightsaber he had seen.

By the age of fourteen, Windu remained unwavering in his desire to construct his purple lightsaber and requested a challenge to obtain the materials necessary for the build.  After much deliberation, the Jedi Council decided that Mace would be sent to the planet Hurikane, alone. Hurikane was a planet located in Wild Space, and was inhabited by a species of sentient beings made of stone and purple Hurrikaine crystals, and resembled insectoids.  The Jedi Council instructed Mace Windu to travel to Hurikane, and negotiate with the unidentified Hurikane species and obtain the crystal required for the build.

Upon his arrival, Windu attempted to reason with the species to allow him a crystal but was ultimately chased away.  Running for his life, Mace used his Force abilities to dismantle his attacker. Realizing the error in his ways, Mace reconstructed the Hurikane inhabitant.  In a sign of gratitude for his mercy and good-heartedness, the newly reconstructed inhabitant presented Windu with a Hurrikane Crystal, which Windu then used to construct his lightsaber.

That lightsaber carried Windu throughout his life until Mace created the second lightsaber in recognition of his position as a senior Jedi Council member.  Now having the skill and knowledge Windu had lacked in his adolescence, he built the second lightsaber to the highest standards. Placing an emphasis on meticulousness and excellence, the lightsaber was constructed with an electrum finish reserved for the highest-ranking council members of the Jedi Order.  Naturally, this new lightsaber emitted the Windu’s signature purple color. This second lightsaber was used by Windu throughout the Clone Wars, until his untimely death while engaged in a battle with Darth Sidious as seen in Revenge of the Sith.

Purple Lightsaber Crystal Variants

The kyber crystal is the most commonly used crystal when building a lightsaber.  Here, we will provide an overview of the unique abilities powerful purple lightsaber crystals have.

  • Hurrikane Crystal – These crystals form on the planet Hurrikane, and were a rare crystal coveted for their beautiful violet color and strength in battle.  These crystals were particularly known for their ability to penetrate enemy defenses.
  • Windu’s Guile – This rare variant of the Hurrikaine crystal was named in honor of the most famous purple lightsaber wielder, Mace Windu.  Windu was a Jedi Master and a member of the Jedi Council during the final years of the Galactic Republic.
  • Dragite Crystal – These crystals can be found naturally forming on M’haeli, in the D’olop Mountain Range.  These crystals were extremely valuable and produced a loud, resonating sound when struck. Additionally, they inflicted a minor amount of sonic damage to their opponents when striking an enemy.
  •  Lorrdian Gemstone – Although not a crystal, this purple gem was used to bolster lightsaber capabilities.  Originating during the Kanz Disorders, the enslaved Lorrdians were forced to develop telepathic abilities in order to communicate with one another. The Lorrdian gemstone gave the user the ability to better predict the actions of others by enhanced observation abilities.  When installed into a lightsaber, the wielder had a heightened sense of awareness which allowed them to react quicker in battle, both offensively and defensively.