The Darksaber SE

Availability: LEAD TIME - Allow 3 to 4 WEEKS for Fabrication

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  • All aircraft aluminum construction
  • Top of emitter to bottom of pommel: 12”
  • Hilt Body diameter: 1.5”
  • Removable pommel (MHS compatible)
  • Polycarbonate UltraBlade
  • CREE XP-E2 or LED Engin High Powered LED
  • Powered by 4 AAA batteries or 2x Li-Ion Batteries


Ultrasabers is extremely proud to present: The Darksaber SE

We’ve had our sights set to bring this saber for a long, long time, and we’re beyond excited to finally make it available.

From top to bottom, the Darksaber sports a sleek, aggressive look, with plenty of features that make it one of the most unique hilts to ever grace the arsenal.

The slanted design of the Darksaber SE’s blade socket kicks off the hilt’s aggressive form, with four horizontal windows adorning the each side of the emitter, adding a touch of elegance to the saber.  The sturdy, iconic guard separates the main hilt from the emitter, giving your main hand a perfect resting place.  The mid-section of the Darksaber SE’s hilt features a shallow grove pattern across the grip that lends elegantly to both the style and comfort of the saber in your hand, while the lower half of the hilt sports a more traditional horizontal striping pattern that gives your off-hand a perfect place during two-handed combat for you heavier hitters.  Finally, the Darksaber SE’s is capped with a vented MHS compatible pommel, featuring a single vent designed to amplify our Obsidian Soundboards for those of you who order your sabers with sound.

The Darksaber is available in four finishes:
The flagship Ultrasabers Darksaber itself is completely anodized black in our classic “dark” look with a shine.
The Darksaber CE is entirely black, but has been sandblasted for a beautiful matte black look.
The Darksaber SE brings the lighter side, with its hilt being our polished aluminum, and black anodizing across the groves of the hilt.
The Darksaber LE features the black anodized hilt being machined back to reveal silver in the paneling and groves of the saber.


As stated in the introduction video, your Darksaber will ship with a round, combat-class polycarbonate blade, in the grade and size you select during customization.  It will NOT ship with a flat “sword-style” blade.  We’ve collected a few from our friends for demonstration purposes, and would love to refer you to some of them below.  Again, your saber will NOT ship with a flat “sword” blade, but we’d love to refer you to one of our friends below:

Ripper Blades
Jay’s Blades (Etsy)

We’ve been looking forward to adding this saber to the lineup for for quite some time, and we worked hard to bring the Darksaber to life.  We’ve received COUNTLESS emails about the Darksaber over the years, asking for it to be done -or if it were possible- and we’re extremely pleased with the results.


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