Dominicide – PRESALE

Availability: Now taking preorders! All orders shipping in late July.

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  • All aircraft aluminum construction
  • 1.5" Wide
  • Anodized color accents
  • Low profile guarded push button switch
  • Seoul P4 or Luxeon Rebel Star
  • Powered by 4 AAA batteries or Lithium Ion Batteries
  • 2x Polycarbonate UltraBlade


Double saber. Single unit.

Welcome an Ultrasaber, unlike any before it. We’ve been refining the design for this saber for some time now, and we’re beyond excited to make it available for preorder, with orders shipping in late July.  Say hello to Dominicide.

Dominicide is the first double-bladed lightsaber set within a single unit to grace the Ultrasabers line-up. The saber features TWO MHS Compatible emitters wreathed in menacing claws, and a ridged grip spanning across its midsection. We’ve added venting to both sides of the hilt for sound, allowing for maximum sound resonation. Batteries are housed in a removable compartment within the hilt of the saber, allowing us to pack all of our favorite double-bladed features into the space of a single hilt. Each Dominicide will come equipped with a covertec wheel and a non-illuminated AV switch standard.

Dominicide can accommodate all of our standard installs such as the Obsidian Soundboards, Diamond Controller, and the Emerald LED driver.

Dominicide measures in at:
17″ Emitter to emitter
20.5″ Claw to claw
78.25″ Tip to tip with two 32″ round tip blade equipped

Dominicide is available in four finishes that appear across its claws, midsection, and covertec wheel: the classic black and silver you see here, our Azure Dominicide comes anodized in our bold blue, the Crimson Dominicide comes anodized in our menacing red, and the Dominicide LE is anodized in a brilliant gold for a truly regal look.

Dominicide is available for preorder now, with orders shipping in late July.


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