Custom Lightsaber

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 Custom Lightsaber 

In order to make your own custom lightsaber, you require a lot of skill as well as technical knowledge. Making this device is not an easy thing, and one of the best things you will require for your blade is something that emits a bright light. This is necessary as getting an electroluminescence can be very expensive and considering that you will be making one for yourself and not for resale purposes. But if you have the will power, then you can get an electroluminescence as it is a good source of bright light.

If you have the cost in mind, then you could go for an EL. This is not as expensive, but many a times it may require shipment and for that it may take a couple of weeks or even months. To protect the lighting strip, polycarbonate tubes can be used. Another option would be use a light bulb, but the only problem with this is that light diverges from it.

To make a custom lightsaber will require that you possess some knowledge, technical skills and some basic engineering principles. It is not a task that can be undertaken by anyone who wishes to have one. Making a toy lightsaber is not difficult at all, but the process of making a real custom one can be something else. The skills required in making one are necessary because maximum precision is required because any small mistake can ruin the entire project. In addition to the skills required, money is the next thing in line.

A custom light saber blade cover holder will cost you about $13, a choke powder coating will be the same price and so will a pommel coating. The coating costs are just the same regardless which type you choose. But with the current changes in the development of custom lightsabers, more and more features are being added for fuller enhancements than their previous counterparts.

These added, newer features in lightsabers also bring about a significant increase in their price. The dominix goes for roughly $65 and it is mainly made of aluminum. On the hand, the redemption goes for $120 whilst the liberator goes for $85. These prices are as a result of improvements made in terms of style, elegance and extreme durability. Custom lightsabers come in many different types and each of these carry along some unique features which may be more or less better than the other.

The process of making a custom lightsaber is thought by many to be more expensive and time consuming than simply picking it out in a store. Unless you are prepared to acquire some technical knowledge and the right skills for making custom lightsabers, then you may as well get an already made one in a store.

Although a custom lightsaber can be a very useful acquisition to your personal home, a great deal of caution and care is required. This device should be kept away from children at all times and make sure that you fully read and acknowledge the manual before purchasing one. It’s not only fun to use, but it can be very dangerous.

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