Custom Size Ultraedge Midgrade Blade [NO BLADE FILM]

Availability: LEAD TIME - Allow 3 to 4 WEEKS for Fabrication

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Option Summary

Choose Blade Tip Type

Round Tip [edit]
Round Tips look round and pointed tips look pointed. There is absolutely no other difference.

There is a surcharge for pointed tips because we do not stock these and would have to custom make the blade for you. They are not superior in any way. It is just a preference if you want your tip to be round or pointed.

99% of Ultrasaber blades are made with round tips.

Custom Blade Length

48 inches [edit]


Made from white polycarbonate to give the lightsaber a brighter, fuller look.
Please specify the length you would like this blade cut to in the options field. The length selected does NOT include the length added by the blade tip.In order to easily cut this blade to a custom length the blade is not made with UltraFilm.


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