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FX Lightsaber Details

An FX lightsaber is a lightsaber which offers a high-quality replica of the lightsabers features in the Star Wars movies, comics, and animated features. These particular lightsaber replicas are accurate down to each detail including the humming and crackling lightsaber sound effects available in different colors. These replica lightsabers can be used in lightsaber duels, unlike other replicas which are often for display purpose only.

While there are other lightsaber products on the market which are considered toys for younger children, a FX lightsaber is by no means a toy. Toy lightsabers from the Star Wars universe are geared towards younger fans and provide them with the ability to role play and use their imaginations. The toy lightsabers are designed out of plastic and other materials which feature safety elements, such as collapsible plastic blades.

Older fans want a more realistic product and a FX lightsaber provide people with the ability to obtain a lightsaber which is not a toy. Serious fans of the Star Wars universe know the complete history of lightsabers and not just as a movie prop created by George Lucas for the first film in 1977. The first lightsabers according to the Star Wars history were used for ceremonies because they had not yet been refined enough for other purposes due to a lack of a sufficient power source and overheating problems.

Further advances were made during the Hundred-Year Darkness period where lightsabers were made more powerful and stable but still required them to be cabled to a power source attached to a belt. These early lightsabers provided an advantage against heavily armored opponents in close hand-to-hand battles. The Sith were the first to create a lightsaber which moved the power source to the hilt, eliminating the need for a belt power source. FX lightsaber replicas have an internal power source similar to the modern lightsabers in the series.

The Sith were also credited with creating the first double-bladed lightsabers but despite these advances, early Sith of this time period still preferred the use of swords. The Jedi, however, were still lacking behind the Sith and made further advancements after the conclusion of the Great Hyperspace War converting to more modern lightsaber technology. Colors of the lightsaber plasma beam are also significant in the Star Wars universe, and different colors are available with FX lightsaber replicas.

The first two colors depicted were red and blue lightsabers used in the first Star Wars film. Red was used to represent Darth Vader and the Sith, while blue was used to represent Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Jedi. Other colors were featured as the series further developed such as purple, yellow and green. A FX lightsaber is available in custom colors and hilts which provide a true fan with the ability to build their own custom lightsaber.

Ultra Sabers,, offers Star Wars fans the ability to build their own FX lightsaber which is made of high-quality materials, affordable and can be used in lightsaber battles. Guests can select from different design options including single and double blade as well as sound. For more information or assistance with customization, call 408-644-2910 or visit the website. Order your movie quality light saber today!