Standard Sabers

Stunt Lightsaber

These are stunt saber (sabers without sound effects). For sabers equipped with our custom Premium Obsidian soundboard

At Ultra Sabers, one thing we know well is that every person who is looking for a real lightsaber has something specific in mind. Whether you want a lightsaber to resemble those in the Star Wars movies, or you prefer the option to
build your own lightsaber, we have high-quality sabers with different options. A lot of our sabers are customizable with interchangeable parts. Our custom lightsabers are made to be durable for dueling combat action. Only real lightsabers can be used for dueling, and that?s what you can expect from our products.

A great first saber to get started with is the Initiate. This saber has a great price point and comes with a colorful blade. These sabers are not only priced well, they are very durable and are capable of withstanding dueling combat action.

Make sure to check out the LE v4 editions that are made from machined aluminum with silver groves. The LE v4 versions (along with the LE V2 and V3 versions) are able to accommodate
sound installs, Emerald LED driver installs and has an MHS compatible pommel.