How Did Grogu Survive Order 66?

It is a testament to the depth and vigor of Star Wars canon that the addition of new characters to the established mythos so strongly enriches the fan experience, rather than seeming like an unnecessary afterthought. That may explain why Grogu, who debuted only a few short years ago in The Mandalorian TV show, has been so enthusiastically embraced by Star Wars devotees young and old.

There’s no doubt that Grogu benefits from the “cute” factor—he’s an adorable little being, from the same unnamed species as Yoda, with the same distinctive type of eyes and ears. But much of Grogu’s appeal stems from the ongoing mystery of his past. For quite some time, even his proper name was unknown, which inspired many observers to dub him “Baby Yoda,” an affectionate nickname that persists to this day.

More recently, another type of Grogu mystery developed when it was revealed that this beloved character once lived at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant—and was present when the notorious Order 66 was enacted. This led to the Great Jedi Purge that slaughtered most of those affiliated with the Jedi Order at the time.

That Grogu managed to survive the Great Jedi Purge is not in question. How he did so, on the other hand, is a matter that continues to inspire a considerable amount of debate and discussion.

How Did Grogu Survive Order 66

History of Grogu: The Early Years

Like all members of his species, Grogu is highly Force-sensitive, and displayed this affinity from a very early age. He also shares the unusual aging progression of the species, characterized by the retention of an infantile appearance well into what would be considered “middle age” in human years.

It is known that Grogu was brought up as a youngling at the Jedi Temple, where he received the standard Initiate training under the guidance of various Jedi Masters. This was the era when the Clone Wars raged across the galaxy.

Grogu was in the Temple at the moment when Order 66 (Clone Protocol 66) was issued by Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine. This command—essentially a surprise Sith attack—instantly activated the behavior modification biochip secretly hidden in every member of the Republic’s clone army and forced the previously loyal troopers to kill any and all Jedi on sight. This kicked off a mass slaughter that would later be memorialized as the Great Jedi Purge.

During the Purge, thousands of Jedi died at the hands of murderous clone troopers. Many of these Jedi, tragically unaware of the threat posed by the renegade clones, perished almost immediately, before defensive action could be taken.

The Jedi Temple itself was not spared the deadly clone rampage. In fact, Darth Vader, the former Anakin Skywalker, personally led the 501st Legion on a lethal siege of the Temple in which not even Jedi younglings were safe from summary execution. So how did Grogu manage to survive?

How Did Grogu Escape Order 66?

What happened to Grogu in the Jedi Temple in the immediate aftermath of Order 66 remains unclear—even, it seems, to Grogu himself.

History of Grogu

Grogu Remembers Order 66

As revealed in The Book of Boba Fett, Grogu’s memories of the Temple siege are fragmented and confusing. With Luke Skywalker’s aid, Grogu was able to experience a deeply hidden memory of that tragic day. He personally witnessed several clone troopers murdering Jedi. The rampaging troopers then seemed to turn their attention to Grogu himself—and here’s where his memory fails him. Grogu doesn’t know with certainty what happened after that, but he has a vague recollection that someone snatched himself away from the Temple to a place of safety.

Who Saved Grogu from Order 66?

So who rescued Grogu? At this point, there is only speculation.

A strong possibility is that one of the Jedi, as yet unknown, transported Grogu to another location just in time. Some say that it was none other than Mace Windu who managed to spirit Grogu away to safety—a theory that rests on the assumption that the Jedi Master somehow escaped his apparent death just prior to Order 66. Others claim that Darth Vader himself might have intervened to save Grogu, possibly under the belief that a member of this rare species could be useful to the Sith cause in some way.

It may be that future revelations will clear up this matter, but this is where the story stands at the present moment.

Grogu Lightsaber

Grogu After Order 66

Not much is known about Grogu’s whereabouts in the period just after Order 66. Decades after that fatal event, he resurfaced at a Nikto hideout on Arvala-7, a desert world. Here, he was guarded by mercenaries who were aware that a very lucrative bounty had been placed on him.

On Arvala-7, Grogu was captured by the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin. Although Djarin initially was interested only in collecting the bounty offered by the man known only as “The Client,” he soon became emotionally attached to Grogu, and after various trials would eventually adopt the tiny being as a foundling.

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