Kaza Yuri Donates Saber

At Ultrasabers, we craft the galaxy’s greatest custom lightsabers, and we know that many of you take great pride in your Sabers. Most of you take time to craft the pinnacle of your armory, getting every piece just how you want it, while a small portion of you take a chance and spin the wheel letting our Grab Bag decide your Saber’s fate. Yet there is an even smaller number of you, a very select few, who win their UltraSaber through our lightsaber raffle. We give away some of our favorite sabers in each raffle, and for most of our winners, the saber won is more than a prize, it is a trophy, taking its place at center stage in their collections. We hear back from most of our winners on SaberForum, the official forum for Ultrasabers owners, and every time we do, we get more and more excited to give away more sabers in the next raffle. Now, as you can guess, we’re always pretty amped when we hear back from our raffle winners. But this time we felt a little tug at our heartstrings from this SaberForum member.

On May 25th, 2015 Saber Forum member Kaza Yuri posted his story of just what happened to his raffle prize…

“Hey just had to share the great news. A couple of raffles back i won a Manticore CE in Orange with Red FOC. I am volunteering this year for a great organization and at the Denver Comic Con we hosted a Pre Party with a show, bake sale and Raffle with all proceeds benefiting the White Rose Scholarship Foundation. I donated the Manticore for a progressive auction and we raised 900.00 with the saber alone! Total we raised over 1,700.00 for the scholarship but we could not have done it without the amazing saber from Ultra Sabers, raising more than the show and bake sale combined! The saber will almost pay for one of the 1,000 scholarships by itself! Not sure who will be getting the funds but some lucky person will be going to college for another year thanks to this great prize! Another reason I love US. You have a customer for life!”

We’d like to give a huge shout out to this SaberForum member: Kaza Yuri and his enormously generous donation for such an amazing cause. The members of our Saber Forum constantly prove themselves as selfless through their generosity and support of others, and we are extremely proud of the community that has been grown. Our hat is off to you today Kaza Yuri!

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