Lightsaber Gift Guide: Find Something for the Star Wars Fanatic in Your Life

The end-of-the-year holiday season has arrived, so it’s time to get ready for that special date coming up on the December calendar: the 20th. That’s when The Rise of Skywalker is scheduled to arrive in U.S. theaters. Episode IX has been eagerly anticipated—or at least hoped for—ever since reports first surfaced, not long after the runaway success of A New Hope, that George Lucas planned to make a nine-film series out of the Star Wars universe. But while you mark down the days on the calendar, you may also want to help Santa do his job by getting a cool custom lightsaber for the aspiring Jedi in your life. What follows is just a few choice offerings from UltraSabers’ ever-growing catalog of Star Wars custom lightsabers.

The Renegade LE

Renegade LE Full View

From the first time a trio of blades ignited on screens across the planet in the teaser trailer of The Force Awakens, the crossguard saber has inspired a huge amount of commentary—both positive and negative. The Renegade LE is for the Star Wars enthusiast who appreciates the unique look associated with this style of lightsaber. All three of its MHS-compatible emitters come with attractive windows that allow the light from the blade to peek through. Distinctive crossguard claws help to give these custom lightsabers a menacing presentation. Crossguard blades are available in 6″ or 8″ options.

The Graflex CE

Graflex CE – Full

The Graflex CE (Collector’s Edition) is a nickel-plated lightsaber that is both sturdy enough to duel with and attractive enough to put on display. It sports the Original Lightsaber design, so it’s a good choice for the lover of the “classic” saber. In addition to T6 aircraft grade aluminum construction, all Graflex CE sabers come standard with a Covertec wheel, anti-vandal switch, and a switch activation box.

The Archon v3.1

Archon v3 Full View Close

The Archon v3.1 is a good dueling saber that comes standard with a 36” polycarbonate Heavy Grade blade. With a ribbed body and a skinny brass neck, its hilt has a distinctive look and feel that many fans appreciate. The pommel includes a removable D-Ring that allows the user to hang the saber from their belt. Also removable is the pommel and emitter, both of which are MHS compatible.

The Fallen

The Fallen – Combat Ready Emitter – Full View

The Fallen is distinguished by its two fins flanking the emitter, partly covering its striking anodized rings. This sleek custom lightsaber is also notable for its extremely comfortable grip and a unique removable pommel that is specially designed to amplify the sound generated by the Obsidian Soundboard. It comes in two versions: Combat Ready (better for dueling) and standard. Black, azure, crimson, and gold colors are available.

The Chosen One

The Chosen One CE Full

The Chosen One recalls the lightsaber wielded by the legendary Dark Lord of the Sith, and it’s the perfect accessory for anyone who flirts with the dark side. The emitter includes a slanted shroud, giving the blade an eye-catching accent. The body of the hilt features six windows that come in one of two options: those that permit light from the blade to radiate through, and those that do not. The activation box, offered in black and silver, has a removable lever to provide the user with an additional option to alter the look of the hilt. The Chosen One is available in standard (SE) and nickel-plated (CE) options.

There are many more gift ideas that can be found in UltraSabers’ catalog. Feel free to explore this website for the best custom lightsabers in the galaxy, and be sure to contact UltraSabers with any questions or concerns.