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What is a Diamond Saber?

A Diamond Saber is an Ultrasaber that has been equipped with the most powerful and versatile lightsaber controller on the market for lightsabers, giving you the ultimate power to build a lightsaber with complete control over its sound effects and blade colors.

The Diamond Controller adds the ability to create and recognize gestures. A gesture is a unique sequence of movements that you can program into the Diamond Controller to trigger a unique sound and/or light effect.

Before you harness the power of a Diamond Saber it is very important that you educate yourself on its capabilities first. Please watch the videos below and prepare to have your mind blown by the versatility of these types of sabers.

If it wasn?t clear from the description: ALL Diamond Sabers come equipped with sound. The diamond controller is a single board with the ability to arm your Ultrasaber with sound, light, gesture recognition, and the ability to make unlimited changes to them all.

What does the Diamond Controller allow you to do?

Synchronized sound and light effects ? which means you can have one light effect for your hum sound and a completely different light effect for your power on sound and a completely different light effect for your power down, swing, clash, spin, and stab sounds. Truly endless possibilities.

Advanced motion detection with adjustable sensitivity for: Swing, Clash, Spin, Stab, and Force.
Gesture recognition ? with the ability to learn new gestures from user through the on-board menu.
Hold & cycle through up to 10 soundfonts through the on-board menu without connecting to a computer with up to 15 effects per font (up to 15 sounds different sounds for Swing, Stab, Spin and Clash effects).
256 MB internal memory (compared to 16MB found on our V4 soundboards).
4-channel color mixer (Power LED) – gives you the ability to adjust the current on 4 individual channels that control 4 different colors (for example Red, Green, Blue, and White) and mix and match any of these adjusted channels to create almost limitless possibilities for different blade colors.
4 additional independent low-power Accent LED channels ? which means you can add an illuminated AV switch without having it always on or sacrificing one of the main LED channels. And three additional Accent LEDs for DIY users.
8 bit light intensity control on each channel, generating more than 16 million colors.
Gives you the ability to adjust the time and duration of the all light effects ? which means you can create an unlimited variety and combination of pulses, flickers, shimmer across every sound effect (not just flash on clash).
Battery monitor with 2 warning thresholds on any accent LED (for DIY users).
Accepts both LSU and WAV sound format (mono, 16 bit, 48 kHz)
Fully configurable firmware, upgradable through the Ultrasabers Launcher software.
Gives you the ability to make all these changes DYNAMICALLY, no DIP switch adjustments, no loading bar, no SD Card, no pin adjusting, no waiting. You click one button and you see your lightsaber blade change to the color of your choice right before your eyes.

Click here to download the software for the DIAMOND Controller

Click here to download the Data Sheet for the UltraSabers Diamond Controller

Click here to download the default files for the DIAMOND Controller

Diamond Saber Videos

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