Scorpion Pommel

Scorpion Pommel - Angled
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Pommel Version

Scorpion Pommel



Pommel Version

Replacement Version

Scorpion Pommel

Availability: LEAD TIME - Allow 1 to 3 Business Days for Fabrication

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MHS Compatible Pommel.

Comes with sound vents.

Black anodized and machined silver accents
Length added to lightsaber: 2 inches
Outer Diameter at largest point: 2.3 inches

There are two versions of this pommel:

The MHS version: This version is for lightsabers with an outer diameter of 1.5″. If you would like to use the pommel with any Ultrasaber OTHER than The Scorpion, Guardian, and Mantis, purchase this version. (ie. if you wanted to use this pommel with any v3 lightsaber, The Raven, Warglaive, Shock, Bellicose, etc. Buy this version)

The Replacement version: This is for lightsabers with a 1.725 outer diameter. (ie. if you lose or damage your Scorpion, Guardian, or Mantis pommel or have a customized saber with a wider than normal base, Buy this version. Otherwise, just stick with the MHS version)