A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Your Own Custom Lightsaber

Have you ever wanted a custom lightsaber that looks like it came straight off of the big screen? Well we’ve put together a comprehensive guide with a few tips to get you started on building and utilizing your very own custom lightsaber.

Designing Your Saber:
Let’s start with what the process of building an Ultra Saber looks like. When building your saber, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of sound, electronics, bodies, emitters, claws, couplers, pommels, and complete hilts. With so many saber options to choose from, it is hard to know where to start. Ultra Sabers offers 90 pre-completed hilts that include pre-selected bodies, emitters, and pommels. If you choose to go down the path of using a completed hilt, you are still able to customize features such as the blade’s color and sounds. You can select a completed hilt to fit nearly any budget, with hilts starting at $55.99. If you begin to encounter any questions while trying to choose your hilt, visit the Ultra Sabers forum where you can chat with experts who have already created their own custom sabers.

Choosing your blade is a very important step in this process, as it will dictate just what your saber is capable of. When choosing your blade, be sure to keep in mind what your intended saber use will be (we will discuss why later). There are two different blade types based on your intended saber use: Mid & Heavy Grade, both of which are available in a standard or UltraEdge, and all made of an extremely durable polycarbonate. UltraEdge blades are a bit unique and feature a while polycarbonate that spreads light more evenly from the saber’s emitter to its tip, giving the blade a fuller look when the saber is turned on. Heavy grade blades are built with a blade wall that is nearly twice as thick as the non-heavy grade blades, making them heftier than their counterparts. If you are looking to do some serious dueling, you are going to want to equip your saber with a heavy grade blade. On the other hand, The midgrade blades are recommended for those who want to want maximum brightness, spinning techniques, and expect to see light dueling or combat. The midgrade blades are a bit more flexible and will bend ever so slightly on contact but do not break. Midgrade blades are great for individuals seeking a saber for a massive variety of occasions ranging from cosplayers who might not desire to see combat at all, all the way to those who literally exercise with their sabers.
Keep in mind that if your opponents intend on dueling with have heavy grade blades, you may want to consider one for yourself as well. As previously mentioned, the heavy grade blades are nearly twice the weight of the midgrade blades, putting you at a disadvantage.

While selecting the type of blade for your saber, you can also decide its length. We at UltraSabers provide three standard blade length choices: 16-inch, 24-inch, 32-inch, 36-inch, and 40-inch blades. The 36” blade is the most commonly selected blade size, as it is more screen accurate. The 32” blade is favorable for any double bladed sabers due to their length; and the 24” blade is also known as the Initiate blade, as it is designed for a duelist the height of a Padawan.

Finally, the most important feature about your blade- its color. Ultra Sabers offers a wide variety of blade colors that cover the wide variety of colors seen on film and in video games, with the obvious exception of the coveted and physics-defying DarkSaber. According to Star Wars lore, the various colors of the saber’s blade represent their paths in life, and their balance in the Force. Lucky for your, choosing the color for your blade will come down to your preference, and can even be modified later. Equip your saber with the Emerald Driver, and you will have the ability to update your saber’s color to any color in the galaxy in mere seconds,

Once you have selected your hilt and the color of blade, you need to decide how important sound is to you. If you are using your saber in a film, sound can often stifle the voices of actors in a scene, or drown the needed ambient sounds that complete the environment. In contrast, many individuals who use their sabers in duels prefer to have the lightsaber sound effects built into their saber to give the saber a more life-like effect. With the Obsidian Driver, there are a range of sound effects you can choose from and install on your UltraSaber.

How quickly can you have your saber?
After placing your order with Ultra Sabers, you can check the status of your saber by logging into your Ultra Sabers account and viewing the “Order Status”. If your selected hilt was in stock at the time you ordered, your saber will typically be crafted and dispatched in 2-3 business days! Shipping costs vary based on your location, and can be most accurately viewed on our site with the intended saber in your cart. We ship our sabers worldwide, with hundreds scattering across the globe every day.

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