4 Uncommon Types of Lightsabers

Single blade lightsabers are the Old Reliables of the Star Wars universe. They’re the first lightsabers that most people remember seeing, and they’re usually what leap to mind whenever conversations turn to this topic. But as you surely know already, there are many types of lightsabers that do not conform to the classic design.

Just as guns on Earth exist in plenty of variations, lightsabers fall into a broad spectrum of classifications. We expect the number of known types to increase as the canon expands. That’s because the technology powering the lightsaber—kyber crystals and the supporting apparatus—is easily adapted to all sorts of configurations. Some of these alternative lightsaber versions are very rare, to the point where only one example is known in the entire universe. Let’s have a look at the less commonly seen lightsabers out there.

Lightsaber Whip

Otherwise known as a lightsaber whip or laser whip, this particular variant is very similar to a standard bullwhip, only with a flexible energy beam instead of a lash. It can be very powerful in combat, especially against those who aren’t used to countering it. The lightwhip also allows the wielder to execute strikes at a greater distance than would be possible with a standard saber. However, it is also very difficult to wield safely—a problem aggravated by the fact that conventional lightsaber training doesn’t cover its proper use. The skills you learn by practicing with a single blade saber will not adequately prepare you to take up the lightwhip. Hence, it’s quite rarely .

Curved Hilt Lightsaber

The curved hilt lightsaber is another variant where the name is self-descriptive. It is essentially a single blade lightsaber with a hilt that curves noticeably toward the end. The purpose of the curvature is to give the wielder improved grip and expanded options for striking and defending. However, the scarcity of this lightsaber—it is primarily (though not exclusively) associated with Count Dooku’s lightsaber—indicates that most individuals are simply more comfortable with a standard straight hilt.


Lightsaber Cane

How about a lightsaber hilt disguised as a cane? The lightsaber cane is a rather sneaky variant that has been occasionally spotted in environments where its wielder needed to remain safely armed while appearing weaponless. Once activated, the seemingly harmless cane emits a kyber-powered blade just like a standard lightsaber, albeit one with an unusually long hilt. Jedi Master Tera Sinube used his cane lightsaber in this fashion during the Clone Wars.

Crossguard Lightsaber

The crossguard lightsaber is a standard single blade lightsaber that includes two shorter blades emitting from opposite sides of the hilt at a 45-degree angle, forming a cross shape. The chief function of the shorter blades (actually formed from the primary blade) is to protect the hand of the wielder from enemy lightsaber strikes, but they can also be used offensively as well.

Here on Earth, the full range of known lightsabers isn’t available to us quite yet. Nonetheless, you can find a fairly large selection of single- and double-blade lightsabers in our inventory. Feel free to explore our catalog, and don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.