Obsidian Soundboard Sabers

Premium Lightsaber Soundboards
These sabers come equipped from our custom saber shop with our Premium Obsidian lightsaber sound board.

Although there are many different preferences, when it comes to getting the lightsaber that you want, nothing compares to Sabers with Sound — real sabers for a real lightsaber experience. If adding another lightsaber to your collection is all about adding a piece of equipment that is real in every way, our Ultrasabers are the choice that will give you the greatest satisfaction. This group of custom lightsabers allows you to build your own, and each is equipped with our custom Premium Soundboard for a truly realistic sound.

Once you have your lightsaber, our sound fonts are offered to you for free, for your personal use. The font has a variety of sound effects, so that your saber will sound the way it should, whenever you are using it to fight. Upload entire fonts, or mix and match sound effects from a variety of sound fonts, for unique sound from your custom lightsaber. These fonts are in addition to the default Obsidian sound font that is installed on every soundboard. It?s just another way that you can change and customize our lightsabers to get even more diversity from the effects.

As you will see, we offer a wide variety of Sabers with Sound — real lightsabers. You will find that our collection includes the most awesome lightsaber for you or that special someone whom you want to surprise with a unique gift. You don?t have to be a Star Wars fan or have a collection of lightsabers, in order to see the quality of our products. With so many different styles to choose from, there is an Ultrasaber that is right for everyone. Build your own custom lightsaber and choose the color of blade from several different colors. Each lightsaber blade has even lighting and is detachable. One of the features that sets our sabers apart is their durability and the toughness that allows you to fight with them.

Ultra Sabers makes the best, most awesome lightsabers on the market. You can enjoy any of our lightsabers, complete with realistic sound effects, and still appreciate how affordable we make them for you.

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