Obsidian USB Soundboard

MINI USB Cable (included)
Obsidian USB Soundboard
Obsidian USB Soundboard
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Obsidian USB Soundboard




Obsidian USB V3! [V3]

Pick the type of sound install you want for your saber.

UltraSabers new soundboard

Features of the NEW Obsidian Soundboard with Chassis are:

-Built on chassis, ⏀1.3”, 4” long
-Powered by a single 3.7V, 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery
-Built-in battery holder and electrical protection
-Built-in audio amplifier and speaker
-Drives 2 LEDs and a 127-pixel string blade, simultaneously
-Up to 10 fonts, up to 25 sounds per font
-Up to 6 : 40 minutes audio memory
-Auto-power-off at timeout and low battery

Click here for technical specs for NEW Obsidian Soundboard.

Click here for users guide for NEW Obsidian Soundboard.

Features of the v4 soundboard are:

-Greatly increased Memory Space
-Increased processing power
-Multiple soundfonts
-Change soundfonts with push of a button
-Can use .lsu or .wav files (48KHz 16bit)
-Update firmware with Launcher
-Mac Compatibility for new Launcher
-Much more robust and easy to use Launcher
-New Sound Installation Wizard
-Ability to change size and quantity of sound banks
-Infinite Awesomeness.

Obsidian USB Soundboard

Availability: LEAD TIME - Allow 3 to 5 Business Days for Fabrication

Questions? Call 832.596.9003 or Click Here for How to Buy


Fully Configurable, Fully Customizable Obsidian USB Soundboard 3.0
Comes with Mini USB Cord & Wiring Harness
(Requires a Momentary Switch, NOT latching)NO ON-BOARD SOLDERING REQUIRED!

The 3.0 version is compatible for use with the new Obsidian Launcher v3.x.x which is a complete software overhaul with tons of improvements over its predecessor.

Smooth install with no annoying and confusing error messages
No risk of damage to the soundboard from cancelled downloads or abrupt disconnects
Obsidian Launcher Help menu/instructions built into program
Master Volume control and Master Mute Button to adjust or mute the entire lightsaber
Individual volume control and mute button for each individual sound effect type. For example, you can mute just the lock up sound or mute all impact sounds, etc
Ability to easily listen to all .lsu sound files before downloading them to your lightsaber
Ability to enable or disable the pulsate (flicker) light effect associated with Flash on Clash when you activate the lockup
Ability to enable or disable Flash on Clash from the Launcher

The 3.0 version also comes with all the features of its predecessor

Flash on Clash functionality
Pulsate (or Flicker) functionality during lock up
No front side capacitor (much lower profile soundboard, easier to mount in a lightsaber)
One layer of in line wiring pins (much lower profile soundboard, easier to mount in a lightsaber)
4 watt (x 4 ohm) amplifier compared to the 2 watt (x 4 ohm) amplifier in the original Obsidian
On board circuitry protections (against overpowering the soundboard & some short circuit protection)
Ability to change the speed of your Flash on Clash and lock up Pulsate (or flicker)

Here is a tutorial on how to install and use the Obsidian Launcher: HERE