Ultraedge Midgrade Blade

Ultraedge Midgrade Blade
Ultraedge Midgrade Blade
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Choose Blade Tip Type

Ultraedge Midgrade Blade



Choose Blade Tip Type

Round Tip
Round Tips look round and pointed tips look pointed. There is absolutely no other difference.

There is a surcharge for pointed tips because we do not stock these and would have to custom make the blade for you. They are not superior in any way. It is just a preference if you want your tip to be round or pointed.

99% of Ultrasaber blades are made with round tips.

Blade Length

36" Standard Size

Ultraedge Midgrade Blade

Availability: DUE TO HIGH ORDER VOLUME Allow 1 to 2 WEEKS for Fabrication

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Made from white polycarbonate to give the lightsaber a brighter, fuller look. If you are unsure about which blade to order, please go read the forums!

36″ in total length with a 1″ outside diameter. Their “realized” length will be dependent on the lightsaber they go on as some lightsabers have a deeper mounting socket than others.