UltraEdge Heavy Grade Blade

UltraEdge Heavy Grade Blade
UltraEdge Heavy Grade Blade
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Choose Blade Tip Type

UltraEdge Heavy Grade Blade



Choose Blade Tip Type

Round Tip
Round Tips look round and pointed tips look pointed. There is absolutely no other difference.

There is a surcharge for pointed tips because we do not stock these and would have to custom make the blade for you. They are not superior in any way. It is just a preference if you want your tip to be round or pointed.

99% of Ultrasaber blades are made with round tips.

Blade Length

36" Standard Size

UltraEdge Heavy Grade Blade

Availability: LEAD TIME - Allow 1 to 3 Business Days for Fabrication

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Ultra Edge technology has been combined with Heavy Grade durability to make the brightest, most evenly lit Heavy Grade Blade available. Like our normal Heavy Grade blades, they are the most durable blades on the market.

36″ in total length with a 1″ outside diameter.