36″ Day Blades (Heavy Grade)

All Four Colors of Day Blades
Red Day Blade
Blue Day Blade
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Purple Day Blade
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Day Blade Option

36″ Day Blades (Heavy Grade)



Day Blade Option

Red Day Blade

36″ Day Blades (Heavy Grade)

Availability: LEAD TIME - Allow 1 to 3 Business Days for Fabrication

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Day blades are a fantastic solution to keep your saber looking perfect during long days of brightly lit conventions, outdoor events, intense studio lighting, or times when you don’t have your saber powered on.

Day Blades are Heavy Grade blades, with a 1″ diameter.

Please Note: A Day Blade’s colored Polycarbonate will affect the appearance of the color of your saber’s LED when it is ignited. Please make sure to select a Day Blade blade that best matches your saber’s blade color!

If you are purchasing this for an Archon v3.1, Princess line hilt, or Rebel line hilt, please state which hilt it is for in the order note at checkout so the blade film can be cut appropriately to fit your emitter.