Xenopixel Lost Gray

XenoPixel Lost Gray- Ignited
XenoPixel Lost Gray- Color Changing Blade
XenoPixel Lost Gray
XenoPixel Lost Gray
XenoPixel Lost Gray Full Hilt
XenoPixel Lost Gray- Main Blade Feature

Xenopixel Lost Gray

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Xenopixel Lost Gray

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  • XenoPixel Fulcrum main hand hilt:
  • 11.75" length
  • 1.13" width
  • 1.11 lbs


Ultrasabers is thrilled to announce the addition of the Xenopixel Lost Gray, a pre-constructed Lost Gray saber. This brings a long-requested addition to the arsenal!

This saber comes standard with a removable 36” Xenopixel blade that can be adjusted to any color you choose at any time, in-hilt recharge port that is found by removing the paneling along the profile of the hilt, and will ship with the following:

– 36” Xenopixel polycarbonate blade, 7/8″ diameter
– Pixel Blade Plug
– SD Card Reader
– Charging Cable
– Saber Stand
– Toolkit
– Screwdriver
– Instruction Manual

The Xenopixel Lost Gray has been fully anodized in a greyscale and silver pattern for a sleek look that complements the black and brass accents across the emitter and ignition switch. The Xenopixel Lost Gray will come with full control of the color of your blade, 34 on-board sound fonts, smooth swing, and more.

Xenopixel Lost Gray shoto saber (Shorter saber) is designed to be wielded as a dual saber, but this saber is a comfortable width and length it can be wielded independently for fierce, fast combat.

The Xenopixel Lost Gray shoto hilt clocks in at 8.9″ long and 1.13″ in width.

The Xenopixel Lost Gray is NOT manufactured by Ultrasabers. The Xeno Lost Gray is fully covered under our warranty, eligible for all of our promotions, and of course gets the full Ultrasabers experience for customer service and fulfillment.

This saber is in stock and will ship immediately. The Xenopixel Fulcrum is Available separately!