Epic Lightsaber Moves That Make You Look Fancy

What do you want to do with your lightsaber? If you’re like a lot of collectors, the answer is, “As much as humanly possible.” You want to exploit the full power and potential of your lightsaber, in accordance with your interests and circumstances. One of the best ways to amuse yourself with your single or double bladed lightsaber, and acquire potentially useful skills in the process, is to learn some spins and similar tricks.

Teaching yourself how to flip a lightsaber or how to spin a lightsaber behind your back can be a lot of fun, and you don’t even need a partner to practice with. All you need, aside from your trusty lightsaber, is some open space—it’s best to find an area larger and less cluttered than your living room. No one wants to buy a new lamp because the old one got smashed into a gazillion pieces while you were trying out your Jedi lightsaber moves. You should also have a reasonably soft surface under your feet. With the lightsaber techniques we’re about to show you, it’s likely that you’re going to spend a lot of time dropping your hilt before you really get the hang of things.

Having gotten that out of the way, let’s learn some lightsaber skills! What follows is an unofficial and far from comprehensive list of lightsaber tricks that you can practice in your free time:

The Basic Throw

Start out by holding your lightsaber in a standard grip at your side at waist level, with the blade pointed diagonally upward. Bring the hilt upward while letting the blade dip downward. Once the blade is pointing at the floor (or nearly so), release the hilt. If you execute it right, the blade will do a 360-degree rotation in the air as the hilt remains more or less in the same space where you released it (so the entire saber resembles a rapidly moving clock hand). Grab the hilt once it has completed a full rotation.

It goes without saying that this is something that takes practice. Here’s a video that shows you how to do the basic throw.


The Senseless Spin

This is a trick that requires a certain amount of skill with the basic spin. The so-called senseless spin is a continuous motion that starts in front of your body, moves behind your back, then comes back to your front. Your saber remains in one hand throughout the sequence.

Begin by performing a basic spin where the saber travels in a circular motion across the front of your body. Then use the momentum to bring the hilt behind your back. Grip the hilt, as you would at the conclusion of a standard basic spin, and rotate your wrist around to perform another blade rotation behind your back. Then bring the hilt back around to your front. If you like, you can launch into another basic spin from that position and create a continuous lightsaber motion that looks pretty awesome.

Check out a useful video showing how it’s done.


The Twirl

This is a trick for the double bladed saber enthusiasts out there, especially those who want to bust out some Darth Maul lightsaber moves. It’s basically a way to do multiple continuous lightsaber spins that travel in a 360-degree circle around the user’s body.

It goes like this. Begin by holding the staff in one hand at your side. Then begin rotating your hand as you bring the hilt across your body to the other arm. Your other hand will grab the rotating hilt, and then swing it behind your back as you lean forward a little to accommodate the spinning saber. Bring your other hand (which held the hilt initially) behind you from the other direction and reclaim the hilt—the changeover should happen at the middle of your back. Then simply swing the hilt back around to your front. At all times, the hand that holds the hilt should be rotating it to maintain the spinning movement.

If you do it right, it looks amazing and intimidating. As usual, though, it’s best to see how it works, so have a look at a video showing the complete motion.


Learning how to use a lightsaber properly is often frustratingly difficult, but it’s ultimately a rewarding experience. Mastering a few lightsaber routines can also enhance your dexterity and help prepare you for competitive lightsaber combat, if you decide to get involved in that sport. To discuss lightsaber techniques with like-minded aficionados, feel free to visit our official forum at SaberForum.com. And you can always contact us with any questions you have about our line of lightsaber products.