Behind the UltraSabers Curtain

The Third UltraSabers Video Review Program

Any website out there can feature its products with fancy pictures of them under swanky studio lighting, or even make videos that might seem as cool as Emory’s (they’re not). But here at UltraSabers, we really love to feature you guys and gals with your sabers! We think that the best pictures and examples of […]

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Thank You to Our Amazing Lightsaber Fans from All of Us at Ultrasabers

We at UltraSabers have always been grateful of you, our lightsaber fans, as well as the members of the Saber Forum. We read thousands of your messages everyday as they come streaming in through threads and posts in the Saber Forum, emails, and through our social media. We also get to see hundreds of you […]

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Plug it in, Plug it in…

New Blade Plug Designs When we first crafted the Blade Plug, our intention was to provide something that would keep the electronics of your sabers in pristine condition. Adding that touch of flair to an ignited saber when it was resting on a shelf or swinging from its master’s hip was completely secondary! We initially set […]

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