UltraSabers in the Community

For the Fallen of the 501st

The name “501st” is no stranger to the screens at Ultra Sabers HQ. It seems like every day stories of the 501st pour in, ranging from storming children’s hospitals in events for the Make a Wish Foundation, to their fundraising for amazing causes at conventions. An infectious air of grace and humility surrounds & follows […]

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UltraSabers in the Magic Kingdom

We’ve been called magical before, but this time it’s a bit different… Welcome to Disney World, the land full of princesses and fairies where all your dreams come true, like taking on Darth Vader and the Dark Side in one on one combat!! When Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars by purchasing LucasFilm, several […]

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Kaza Yuri Donates Saber

At Ultrasabers, we craft the galaxy’s greatest custom lightsabers, and we know that many of you take great pride in your Sabers. Most of you take time to craft the pinnacle of your armory, getting every piece just how you want it, while a small portion of you take a chance and spin the wheel […]

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Darth Punk Remix Brings The Funk

The most sinister bounty hunters on the streets coming at you with the funkiest of beats. The team at Infectious Designer has unleashed the galaxy’s most feared duo, Darth Punk, with a bit of a remix! Armed with the Wompa Stompa mixtape and their fearless Gonk droid, Daft Vader and Boba Funk are on the […]

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The Archon Rides!

Winning over the hearts of nerds might not be the easiest of tasks, but every now and then someone comes along and just makes it look like a walk in the park… Or a trot in the ring? Big Bang Theory’s star Kaley Cuoco donned the robes of a certain Jedi Knight while she took […]

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