The Third UltraSabers Video Review Program

Any website out there can feature its products with fancy pictures of them under swanky studio lighting, or even make videos that might seem as cool as Emory’s (they’re not). But here at UltraSabers, we really love to feature you guys and gals with your sabers! We think that the best pictures and examples of our sabers are when they’re YOUR pictures of YOUR sabers. Every month we pick out a small handful of the dozens of images that pour in through email and social media and post you guys at the top of our Facebook page, and we’ve even featured some of you in banners or images on our site whenever we can! Your pictures and responses are our favorite testimonials, and we love to put them in the spotlight!

Well now we’d even like to feature you on our site right next to the sabers themselves! Most of you have gotten the rundown on your favorite saber from Emory before you bought one, but now it’s your turn to star in an ultrasabers review!

The Third UltraSabers video review program has arrived, and we’re ready to dish out the rewards points. The official rules can be found here on but to put it simply – make and submit a video review of your favorite saber! If we love it and think it’s as awesome as one of Emory’s, we’ll feature it right on the site, and hook you up with some rewards points that you can use towards the next saber in your arsenal!

Check out all the Ultrasabers reviews & keep up with the reviews as they come in here!

The Bellicose Review from Beebo_8

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