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A child doesn’t need to be a diehard Star Wars fan to appreciate lightsabers as gifts; most children enjoy them for play and for role playing. In some cases they’ve become collectible items and are quite valuable, but for most children, they’ll appreciate the ones that are more durable and meant for actual use.

How do you choose lightsabers as gifts and how do you know the right ones for children? This is important because some can be dangerous, if they’re made of sharp or heavy materials. Older children may be safe using them, but younger children may not understand the danger and someone can easily get hurt. The right lightsabers can be fun and enjoyable and perfectly safe, but ones not meant for certain children can and should be avoided for them.

It’s also good to think of where you’ll purchase your lightsabers because children are very sensitive to their brands, and they’ll recognize a fake or cheap replica very quickly. You don’t want to purchase something that is not actually from the Star Wars movies, and you may also want to give some attention to the different characters and the different lightsabers they carried. Typically they were different colors and had different handles, and children will be very sensitive to these small details.

When you shop for lightsabers be sure to consider the age of the child. If he or she is very young, you want to consider if this is the right choice and if so, choose something made of softer materials with a softer tip so no one gets hurt. Some are even made of foam and these can be the best lightsabers for very young children.

For older children, search for lightsabers that are more authentic with more detail. This may be the detail of the handle or of the blade part itself. Older children typically appreciate more details in their toys and games, and this can be a better choice for them. Typically lightsabers, like other toys, will have a recommended age range on their package. Be aware of this and shop accordingly.

If your child has a particular character they like from the Star Wars movies, choose the lightsabers accordingly. Not every character carried one, but if they mention a certain character, search for his or her weapon. Usually it will be mentioned on the package, and it’s good to make note of this. If you’re not sure of a certain character, less specific lightsabers will probably suffice for children.

Some lightsabers are very expensive and this may be because of more detail and better materials. If you’re shopping for very young children, this may not be appropriate as they’ll want to play with them and not just keep them in good condition. Older children and collectors may appreciate these more detailed lightsabers and so give some consideration as to the recipient. This will mean finding a gift they love and will appreciate for years to come.

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