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Select Your Xeno Board

Xeno DP Meditation



Select Your Xeno Board

Meditation Xenopixel Upgrade
The RGB Base Lit version will come with standard Polycarbonate Blades and in-hilt RGB LEDs to give you full control over the color of your blade while maintaining the durability of a standard blade. It has 12 pre-programmed sound fonts.

The Xenopixel version will come with Xenopixel blades that give you that animated movie effect, blade styles, tip drag, blaster blade, wall melt, and more! It has 34 pre-programmed sound fonts.

The Empty Hilt Option will come strictly with an empty hilt, no electronics or blades included.

Included Case

Ultrasabers Custom Box
RGB Base Lit and Xenopixel versions will come with an Ultrasabers Custom Box or Hard Case, depending on the hilt you've selected. Empty Hilt versions will not come with a box or case.

Xeno DP Meditation

Availability: LEAD TIME - Allow 1 to 3 Business Days for Fabrication

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  • The Xeno DP Meditation measures:
  • 20" in Length
  • 1.5" in Diameter


Ultrasabers is thrilled to announce the addition of the Xeno DP Meditation, a pair of pre-constructed sabers that can connect into a double bladed saber. This saber brings a long-requested addition to the arsenal!

The Xeno DP Meditation is a truly remarkable double bladed lightsaber that offers an unparalleled experience for all Jedi enthusiasts. Whether you prefer to wield a single blade or dual-wield two blades, the Xeno DP Meditation caters to your personal preference. Experience the power and grace of the Jedi with the Xeno DP Meditation. Immerse yourself in the world of lightsaber combat and meditation, and let this exceptional saber become an extension of your own strength and determination.

This saber comes standard with two removable 36” polycarbonate blades, either standard or Xenopixel depending on the Xeno Board you select, that can be adjusted on the fly to any color you choose, and will ship with the following:

RGB Option
– 36” polycarbonate blades, 1″ diameter
– Charging Cable
– Toolkit
– Screwdriver
– Instruction Manual

Xenopixel Option
– 36” Xenopixel polycarbonate blades, 1″ diameter
– Charging Cable
– Toolkit
– Screwdriver
– Instruction Manual

Again, the Xeno DP Meditation is NOT manufactured by Ultrasabers, but it is fully covered under our warranty, eligible for all of our promotions, and, of course, gets the full Ultrasabers experience for customer service. This is a drop-shipped (DP) saber from our partnering manufacturer. All sales are final; no cancellations or returns. Allow 1 to 2 WEEKS for Delivery.