Site Policies/ Terms & Conditions

Shipping Policy

Our sabers that are in stock have been listed with a lead time of 3-5 business days. Please make sure you check the accuracy of your saber’s configuration before you finish checking out, as requests for changes or adjustments to an order may cause additional delays in its fabrication! Please understand that there are dozens of factors involved in that time frame, and we are working around the clock to get all orders fabricated and shipped out ASAP.

Our sabers that are OUT OF STOCK are now available for backorder. These are listed with a lead time of up to 20 weeks. This means that from the time you hit the place order button it could take us anywhere from 2 days to 140 days to get this hilt model back in stock and through the fabrication queue. This time frame is an estimate and there is no guarantee that the saber will come back in stock within that time frame. All back order cancellations will be issued in the form of store credit. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Again, please be sure to check the AVAILABILITY shown in the listing for the saber you would like to purchase. It is your responsibility to acknowledge the AVAILABILITY of these sabers.

Because of our high volume of orders, as soon as your order is placed we begin processing and allocating parts for your saber, whether or not the saber is in stock or out of stock. Because of this, your order is subject to our 20% shipping restocking fee regardless of its stock status at the time of cancellation.

Here is a link that gives information on the shipping times for our different shipping methods to the United States:

Here is a link for our International Shipping: FedEx International Economy

Please remember that the selected shipping time will only apply to the time your saber is in transit. For example, if you pick FedEx Standard Overnight that does not mean your saber will arrive overnight. It means when your saber ships it will be shipped via FedEx Standard Overnight after the saber has been fabricated which could be in 3-4 business days if the hilt is in stock, and up to 15 weeks if the saber is out of stock.

We at Ultrasabers proudly dispatch our sabers to every corner of the globe, but we are based in the United States, and each saber we craft originates here. If you are making your purchase from outside the continental United States, it is possible that there will be additional taxes that are added once your saber reaches the destination country. Please keep in mind that while we are aware of the possibility of this tax assessed by the destination country, we are not able to predict the amount, if you will be charged anything at all, or include their charges in the sum of our shipping costs. Because of this, you as the buyer must be fully responsible for any VAT, brokerage charges, and customs fees charged by your country.


We wouldn’t be striving for perfection if we didn’t have a backup plan. In the rare event of a defect in your Ultrasaber, you’re covered under our iron-clad warranty. A saber that includes light and sound is a complex electronic device that we are proud of, and as saber forging experts, we at Ultra Sabers are very confident in our skill and we will back our sabers against any defects!

As of September 1st, 2014, we are now providing a 1 year limited warranty for any failures resulting from defective craftsmanship. That covers the entire “guts” of all of our sabers as well as the construction of our custom hilts. Please note that the warranty is NOT transferable! Selling or trading your Ultrasaber to another owner for any reason will void its warranty.

Issues covered:

  • Faulty LED lighting system
  • Faulty internal hardware/wiring
  • Blade film quality issue upon receipt of your saber
  • Speaker/Obsidian Soundboard failures

Items NOT covered:

  • Any failure that results from customer disassembling their saber
  • Wiring failure resulting from “twisted” wires inside the hilt.
  • Loss of functionality resulting from water submersion or contact with liquids
  • Failure that can be identified as obvious physical neglect or abuse
  • Damage resulting from general abuse

In the event that your warranty needs to be activated, please email with your Order # and a description of the issues you are having for any warranty claims and we will get you taken care of quickly.

Cancellation Policy

Due to our high order volume, all orders that are placed successfully go directly to the fabrication floor within minutes after the order is placed to get it shipped to you as quickly as possible; these are all handmade custom crafted sabers. All order cancellations will be subjected to a 20% restocking fee. Please email with your Order # in the event that you need to cancel your order.

Return Policy

Ultra Sabers offers a 3 day return policy. These are all handmade custom crafted sabers so all returns are issued as store credit. If you do not like the product, you may return it. A 20% restocking fee will be incurred. This only applies if the product is still in brand new condition. If the product is received in less than brand new condition then the restocking fee will be incrementally increased.

The return will be issued as a store credit. You will be emailed a coupon code that you can use to purchase anything from the Ultrasabers website minus the assessed restocking free. Shipping is not credited either. Please email with your Order # in the event that you need to return your order.