Build Your Own Lightsaber – Information

Most lightsaber lovers are incredible followers of Star Wars movies. The unique characters, space ships and set locations are mind blowing and for that, many want a piece of the action. Many of us would want the feeling of being the Jedi holding that lightsaber and fighting Darth Vader to his death. If you ever dreamed of building your own lightsaber, it is possible.

There are many online tools and websites on the internet that can help you build your own lightsaber. These include videos, pictures, designs and all the schematics involved in the building of a lightsaber. Many people have managed to build their own, and so can you.

When you look up a website that can help you build your own lightsaber, you will get a detailed list of the things you need as well as the parts which you can find at home or in at a nearby hardware store.

Things to consider when designing a lightsaber

1. The construction of a lightsaber reflects the character of the person building it.

2. The lightsaber handle is made up of components which include: Power Cell, crystals to focus the light beam and a switch to turn it on.

3. In genera l there is no perfect or correct way of building a lightsaber.

Things you can use for the body

1. You can use a Heliland, but this will cost you a lot on eBay

2. An old flashlight

3. An aluminum flashlight 4. PVC pipe

5. A wooden Dowel

Things you can use for the grip

1. Rubber Strips

2. Rubber seals used for plumbing

3. Large O rings

4. Wire wrapped around the handle

5. Rubber mats which you can cut and roll up into tubes

Designing one

Well this part is up to you. Your lightsaber should include the following:

  • A place where the blade will emanate from
  • A switch to turn the blade on and off
  • Grips to hold
  • Knobs so as to control the blade length as well as intensity
  • A clip on your belt so as to attach it on yourself

If you want your lightsaber to look authentic, then you have to make sure that the saber and the crystals are of the right size. The saber also has to hold the battery in place. There are plenty of batteries in different stores, just be sure to find the right size.

Most of these things can be found in most hardware stores, especially in the plumbing section. You can even walk around your friend’s backyard or the neighborhood as you may never know what you will find. Most items such as PVC pipes, rubbers and clips can be found in hardware stores, and that should not be a problem for you.

When building a lightsaber, try to be unique as possible as this will showcase your creativity. If you follow all the necessary instructions on building lightsabers, then you can be sure of having a working one in time for this year’s Halloween.